Prince Harry is reportedly "regretful" and "embarrassed" by that infamous Oprah interview

According to a royal expert, Harry might have done the Interview with Oprah as a way to call on his family, after he and his wife Meghan decided to step down from their royal duties

By Miguel Robles


Prince Harry (AP)

Apparently there are new ways regarding Prince Harry that we've never seen before. At least, this is what some reports point to, describing Harry as a “hot-heated guy”; you know, someone capable of losing his temper easily and act on his emotions. According to some recent reports, that infamous Oprah Winfrey interview that he and his wife Meghan Markle did back in march, was nothing but an emotional way to call on his family.

These are the claims of a royal expert, who says that Prince Harry now regrets having said all the things he and his wife talked about during the sitdown with Oprah Winfrey. The man went on to speak to Closer magazine and shared what he thought about where Prince Harry stands with his embattled royal family.

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The expert, Duncan Larcombe; who is also the author of 'Prince Harry: The Inside Story'. The writer is a self-proclaimed expert on royal matters, and certainly he has context. The author went on to comment about an episode during a party back in 2008, in which Harry flew off the cuff in anger at what apparently was some kind of misunderstanding.


According to the author, things went like this: Larcombe was invited by Prince William to have a drink in the beer garden at Peter Phillips' bachelor party. The writer says that Harry went “livid” after seeing the media member in the premises of the event, not knowing about William's invitation. He went on to claim that the youngest sibling is a hot-heated guy who acted on his emotions. After William explained the situation, he says, Harry calmed down and even apologized

True, this happened 13 years ago, but this might be an indication of how Prince Harry handles certain situations. In fact, Larcombe is sure that the outburst of Harry is a personality trait of the Prince, who could regularly act out of anger and then regret later. Of course, for the royal expert, something similar happened to the Prince, thinking about why he went on to Oprah to give such confessions. Meaning, he got so mad at his family, that the interview was his way to defend Meghan Markle, who allegedly faced several attacks from the royal family.

But now, even though the commentator has no practical evidence, he says that Prince Harry might be on the verge of feeling its after-effects, and may be on the path to regret giving the conversation to Oprah. He claims Harry was really hurt and angry about what Meghan has gone through with the royals, that he ultimately used the interview to get it out. However, after returning home to his grandfather funeral, the author not only states that he has no doubt that Harry feels embarrassed, regretful and awkward, he also went to assure that the Prince also regrets his decision to leave the royal family.

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Lest we forget, Prince Harry decided to embark on a new life, far away from his family in order to “save” his marriage and protect his wife, Meghan Markle. During the interview, she went on to talk about her mental issues caused by the U.K. tabloids, but also how certain members of the royals were racist towards her recently born son.

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