Prince Andrew Keen To Remarry Fergie After They 'Rekindled Their Love' During The Pandemic

It has been reported that Prince Andrew wants to be with Sarah Ferguson again. Do you think Fergie will say 'I Do' a second time in her life?

By Ingrid Mateos

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (Twitter)

No one saw this coming. No one! It has been reported that Prince Charles' brother, Prince Andrew, is thinking about his love life and still keeps his ex-wife Sarah, Duchess of York in his mind...and his heart.

Before they separated, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson enjoyed their marriage from 1986 to 1992 welcoming two beautiful daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugene, however, their story is more interesting than that.


First of all, you really need to know that Princess Diana was the key to their marriage. Lady Di and Fergie were childhood friends and later reconnected when they were young adults. Later, Princess Diana invited Sarah to some parties here and there and even invited her to her wedding with Prince Charles. During this time Diana introduced Fergie to Prince Andrew and quickly became an item.

You could say that their romance was a total whirlwind because a month after their romance was revealed, Prince Andrew proposed. Long story short, they married, welcomed their two daughters, and then divorced. The controversial part here is that the Duchess of York was totally scrutinized because amid her separation she was photographed with a man in a 'toe-sucking' situation and since then the turmoil with the media started.

Decades have passed, Fergie mended her relationship with the royal family and it is said that with Prince Andrew himself. In fact, at the time of Princess Eugene's wedding back in 2018 it was revealed that the Duke and the Duchess were living under the same roof. Imagine that.

Now we move forward to recent weeks. Prince Andrew is involved in another scandal but this time one of his own since he is facing a sex assault lawsuit from Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claims she was forced to have sex with the prince three times, beginning when she was 17.

According to Vanity Fair, some sources have revealed that Prince Andrew is optimistic and wants to continue with his life apart from all those awful claims and plans to keep Fergie by his side. “It has rekindled something and I can see a second wedding happening if it all goes Andrew’s way,” one source said, according to the publication.

Apparently, the COVID-19 pandemic was the one to blame since the divorcees accompanied themselves in this hard time. “Sarah and Andrew have been closer than ever in the past year,” the source added.“They still love and care for each other a great deal and have been living together during the pandemic.” More recently, they were pictured together headed to see the Queen in Balmoral, and even Fergie has revealed that she still lives by her vows from her 1986 marriage, "I keep my commitment, no matter what," the Duchess of York said.

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