People Say The Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Relationship Is Just A Distraction From Astroworld

Several fans and followers have showed skepticism over Kim Kardashian's alleged relationship with Pete Davidson; they are convinced that this is just the making of momager Kris Jenner with sinister purposes

By Miguel Robles

- November 23 , 2021 - 19:33 hs
Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian (AFP)

Following Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kanye West, there has been a lot of speculation regarding either Kim or Kanye' follow-up person in their love life. A few months back, it was Kanye who stole the spotlight by allegedly going out with Russian model and former wife of Bradley Cooper, gorgeous Irina Shayk.

At the time, Ye and Irina were seen together gallivanting in Europe; however, it seems that is now time for Kim Kardashian to claim her spot on stage. After generating some buzz over the first time she hosted the long-lived TV show Saturday Night Live, for which by the way she earned a bit of criticism online, Kim seems to have connected in some way with comedian Pete Davidson.

For the past weeks, the couple has been seen together constantly; sharing a meal here and there, and he even went on to celebrate his birthday alongside Kimmy and her momager, Kris Jenner. Whether or not Pete Davidson is due to play the role of Kim Kardashian's rebound guy in this ordeal, is yet to be seen. And they made their dating status somewhat official.

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However, their seamless relationship has also raised some eyebrows among fans and followers. Especially the online community, for whom this relationship is not necessarily as real as it seems. Recently, their romance has been the focus of some criticism regarding the authenticity of their highly publicized linking.

We all know how crude and brutally honest can be the online community; so on Twitter recently, fans and followers have poured a series of comments claiming that this relationship is only a distraction from the Astroworld's disaster; the festival in which 10 people lost their lives, and over 300 resulted injured after a crowd crush.

The incident ocurred during an appearance of Travis Scott, at approximately 9:06 p.m., he opened with the song 'Escape Plan.' The minute the rapper showed up on stage, people began pushing toward it, leading to a human crush. Several people who attended the concert later told that the crush was so strong that the crowd moved the individual, and at some point people lost control of their own bodies.

This is not the first time Travis Scott has been involved on incidents during festivals or concerts. In fact, there have been several situations in the past documented that resemble similar scenarios. A number of legal issues, including incitement of incidents and praising for their participation, have been experienced.

He was not the only person who earned cricitism online over the incident; Kylie Jenner and her daughter were also attending the concert, and they received backlash over it. The youngest Kardashian-Jenner clan member was accused on social media of not doing anything to stop the tragedy. The backlash received was also due to the fact that she left up Instagram stories of Travis' performance, even after news of the casualties.

Following these news, Kylie alluded to the backlash and insisted that neither she nor Travis were aware of the fatalities until hours after the show. However, several tiktokers mentioned how her stories showed the presence of an ambulance trying to attend the victims of the human crush at the festival.+

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This is the reason why Kim Kardashian's relationship with Pete Davidson seems so appealing to be a facade, and some fans and followers are convinced that the act was only built to divert the attention from the millionaire legal battle Travis is facing at the moment, on behalf of the 125 victims, including the family of one man who died at the festival. They point out that the whole relationship act, is nothing but momager Kris Jenner pulling some strings to dissolve the negativity on media.

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