Olivia Rodrigo looks sexy in a strapless pink lace dress pics

The Disney alum has been a hurricane of success within the music industry, along with her talent she has been able to show unique features such as brutal honesty and no restrains of any kind in her music

By Miguel Robles

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo (AP)

It's been a turmoil for Olivia Rodrigo, especially after the singer dropped her latest album titled 'Sour', which she has been promoting heavily making several of its songs major hits. In the form of a celebration for all her success, Olivia went on to share a series of photos in which she looks hot wearing a fantastic look consisting of a hot pink lace dress.

The outfit, which immediately reminds us of some sort of an 80's prom gown, is amazing. Come to think about it, Olivia's success has been linked to the teenage angst she has a unique way to bring out of people, even if we've left that stage way past in our lives. The “Driver's License” singer has made of her promotion a fashion parade, wearing an amazing look after another. Not so long ago, she also went through the same dynamic as she shared some of her outfits for a photoshoot.

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Olivia's stylists, Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo, opted for a body-con lace dress by London designer Ashley Williams. This spectacular dress comes from their spring-summer 2021 collection; undoubtedly, one of the most notorious aspects of the 80's look, aside from the dress, was the way she decided to accessorize and wear her dress. Rodrigo went at it, to give us major 80's vibes, by pulling her hair back in a topknot. Also, the singer decided to add to the mix a chunky plastic heart-shaped necklace, along with a pearl chain and silver chain-link choker as well.

If there is something that has made Olivia Rodrigo stand out from all the previous generations of the so-called “Disney singers” is that she is not afraid. She can say 'fuck' with no remorse. And that, has put her in a very coveted position as a trailblazer for other artists of her generation. Undoubtedly, these corageous and fearless features are the ones who have find her a unique place amongst hundreds and hundreds of new artists. Her voice has been able to be heard among them, by singing pieces of the truth, with no restraint whatsoever. A rare feature for a current Disney star, nonetheless.

True, several other artists like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez have become major stars, building a steady and consistent musical career; however, Rodrigo has taken the music industry by surprise, and she did it in an instant so to speak. What's more important about her success, is the fact that she doesn't sing pleasing songs, mixing empowerment with censorship for a wider (commercial) audience. No. She has decided to sing her truth, even if it is bitter sometimes, hurting or even brutally honest.

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Autonomy for Rodrigo has proven to be primordial for her success. And while it is not a very easy feature tu acquire as a singer (and being employed by the Mickey Mouse company), fighting for it (at which extent we don't really know) has definitely paid off. Now, she's in charge of her own agenda, which seems to have written on top of the list: “Conquer the world”, as her primary goal.

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