OMG! Jennifer Lawrence Is Pregnant, Expecting First Baby with Husband Cooke Maroney

Such beautiful news! After a year of marriage, Jennifer Lawrence and her husband Cooke Maroney are expecting their first baby! 

By Ingrid Mateos

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Moraney

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Moraney (Twitter)

Congratulations are in order! Jennifer Lawrence is expecting her first child with her husband Cooke Maroney. Her due date wasn’t revealed but the happy news was confirmed by her rep to People magazine.

The American actress met the gallerist back in June 2018 through their mutual friend Laura Simpson. Things escalated quickly and eight months later they engaged. Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney tied the knot in October 2019 at the famed Belcourt of Newport mansion in Rhode Island. The wedding was like a dream come true with a star-studded guest list that included Adele, Kris Jenner, Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, Nicole Richie, Ashley Olsen, and Cameron Diaz.


“He’s the greatest human being I’ve ever met. He really is, and he gets better,” Lawrence revealed in an interview back in 2019. The actress also revealed that she kept things simple when she first started to get to know her future husband. “I don’t know, I started with the basics, you know, ‘How do I feel? Is he nice? Is he kind?’ … I don’t know. It’s just this is The One, I know that sounds really stupid but he’s just, he’s, you know. He’s the greatest person I’ve ever met, so I feel very honored to become a Maroney,” she gushed at the time.

“I definitely wasn’t at a place where I was like, ‘I’m ready to get married,’” she noted. “I just met Cooke and I wanted to marry him. We wanted to marry each other, we wanted to commit fully and he’s my best friend and so I want to legally bind him to me forever.”

Although Jennifer Lawrence is quite private about her life, later in 2020 she revealed that the pandemic helped them to have some time together “I am actually a complete homebody and the laziest person who’s ever lived. Like, Cooke’s biggest joke with me, he’s like, ‘Oh, you want to go directly back to the apartment, babe?’ Or like, ‘Oh no, you have to stay in bed again today,'” Lawrence joked on Dear Media’s “Absolutely Not With Heather McMahan” podcast

Jennifer Lawrence has starred in films like The Hunger Games Saga, X-Men First Class, American Hustle, Mother! And Red Sparrow. In fact, the same day the news broke, a trailer of her upcoming movie 'Don't Look Up' was dropped where we see her alongside Leonardo DiCaprio where they play a pair of astronomers, Kate Dibiasky and Dr. Randall Mindy, attempting to warn the world about the apocalyptic threat presented by an approaching comet in the upcoming film. The cast also includes Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Tyler Perry, Rob Morgan, Mark Rylance, Ron Perlman, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, Scott Mescudi (aka Kid Cudi), Himesh Patel, Melanie Lynskey, Michael Chiklis, Tomer Sisley, and Chris Evans.

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