Now Paris Hilton, David Letterman's rage surging interviews

David Letterman sparks rage again on social media due to bully stances taken by the host during an old interview with American personality Paris Hilton.

By Jose Contreras


Paris Hilton (AP)

It's official, he is a bully. Once again David Letterman emerges online with his polarizing interviews, mainly considered politically (and morally, and socially) incorrect. Social media users criticize him once again due to the resurgence of an interview with American heiress and television personality, Paris Hilton.

The heiress to the hotel empire, known for having been the subject of various controversial situations in her youth, back in the 2000s. This time around, social media users wonder if they were ever unfair in the way society and themselves treated Paris Hilton during her beginnings, admitting to themselves that, perhaps at the time, they did not label as incorrect all those situations to which the entertainers like were exposed to.


In this resurging video that has been newly, and harshly, criticized both on Twitter and Instagram, the show's host asks Paris Hilton directly about her recent experience, at that moment, in prison. If we rewind a little bit, we can remember that in January 2007, Paris Hilton was involved in a legal affair for driving under the influence of alcohol, and was released on probation. Then she did not follow probation rules thoroughly. By violating such parole, the court sentenced her to 45 days in prison. It is worth mentioning that her admission to the Paris jail paved the way for public forgiveness towards many stars who, after this event, were also in such situations and served light sentences.

We can see in video Paris Hilton is friendly and polite, with some reserves when it comes to sharing information. She admits that it was a growing experience and that she was ready to put her past behind her. Later Letterman was insistent, trying to find out why her friend Nicole Richie had only been serving a somewhat shorter sentence. Hilton avoided the subject and continued trying to bring up other topics.


Then, David Letterman keeps asking jail questions and we can clearly see how Paris Hilton gets uncomfortable, so says she won't answer any more questions about jail. The most uncomfortable thing about the video is that at some point in the interview, host David Letterman tries to lecture Paris, telling her the position she holds with the younger audience is being a role model (something she never asked for, right?) Paris simply comments on how it hurts her feelings to receive such words.

Users have been posting on social media and calling David Letterman "Bully." It is known that the host of the well-known and important television program "Late night with David Letterman", on previous occasions, has shown himself as inappropriate and asking some questions on uncomfortable interviews with Lindsay Lohan, Janet Jackson or Christina Aguilera.

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