Nicolas Cage Helped Johnny Depp To Get His First Role In A Movie

During the trial, Johnny Depp revealed that Nicolas Cage helped him become an actor, but Cage himself has talked about it before revealing that they were playing monopoly

By Ingrid Mateos

- May 08 , 2022 - 09:33 hs
Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp

Nicolas Cage, Johnny Depp (AP)

Both Hollywood stars are legendary in their own right having starred in several movies, one more iconic than the other. But what most people do not know these days or sometimes they forget is that it was Nicolas Cage the one who encouraged Johnny Depp to become an actor.

Back in the day, both actors, who by the way have the same age, were friends even when Cage was already famous and Depp was not. This was revealed in an interview with The New York Times where Nicolas Cage revealed how he became friends with Depp and how he ended up encouraging him.

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According to Nicolas Cage, they met because he rented an apartment to Depp before he started his acting career. "The true story is that we were already friends. I was living in an old building in Hollywood called the Fontenoy, and I think I ultimately rented the apartment to Johnny, and he started living there," Cage said.

Nicolas then added that at that point Depp was taking any job he could get. "He was at the point in his career where he was selling pens or something to get by," Cage added. "He admitted it later."

As funny and casual as it might sound, Nicolas Cage revealed that they were playing a Monopoly when the idea came to him. "But anyway, we were good friends, and we would play Monopoly, and he was winning a game, and I was watching him and I said, 'Why don't you just try acting?'"

But according to Cage, Johnny was not so sure about this. "He wanted to be a musician at the time, and he told me, 'No, I can't act,'" Cage recalled."I said, 'I think you can act.' So I sent him to meet with my agent."

Long story short, Depp went and met Nicolas Cage's agent and the success was almost instant. "She sent him out on his first audition, which was 'A Nightmare on Elm Street,'" Cage said, adding, "He got the part that day... Overnight sensations don't happen. But it happened with him," Cage said.

As a side note, if you have watched the Johnny Dep vs Amber Heard defamation trial, you might recall that the actor mentioned Nicolas Cage in court. . “I remember I was filling out a couple of job applications with a friend of mine,” Depp explained.

“He happens to be an actor less known than he is now, Nicolas Cage. I was filling out applications at video stores, and clothing stores just to be able to pay the rent… Nic Cage said why don’t you meet my agent… cause I think you’re an actor… You could be an actor… I said I’ll meet anybody. I’ll do anything at this point.” Depp added. 

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