Mia Khalifa enjoys Bad Bunny's new single 'Yonaguni' in bed while rocking a sexy bra

Mia Khalifa shared a story on social media, in which she appears to be enjoying in bed Bad Bunny's latest single titled 'Yonaguni'

By Miguel Robles

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa (Mia Khalifa's Instagram)

This has been a great year for Bad Bunny, who seems to have had a spike in his creative outlets during the pandemic. Not only the rapper was able to release three albums in 2020 (for which he went on to receive several awards in 2021), but he continues to explore new successful venues such as his participation as a professional wrestler in the WWE.

And Mia Khalifa has shown to be fond of Bunny's syle. At least, is what she mentioned in one of her Instagram stories, in which the model is shown enjyoing Bad Bunny's latest single, while rocking a sexy black bra, and cozying under the covers of what it seems to be her bed. Apparently, this is not the first time Khalifa has sing one of the rapper's hits, and from what she says in her post, she can be categorized as a fan of the artist.

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“When you memorized 5 spanish albums and he throws Japanese into the mix”, was the caption Mia used for her story, while listening to 'Yonaguni' pleasantly in bed. The most recent exploration for the rapper is this single for which he took inspiration in japanese culture. For starters, the song was titled after a japanese island.

Mia Khalifa's Instagram

The single marks Bad Bunny's first single since the rapper released his album titled 'El Último Tour del Mundo', which debuted last november. 'Yonaguni' rides a mellow dance beat, while the Puerto Rican rapper sings both in spanish and japanese.

In her Insta story, Mia Khalifa is seen somewhat dancing in bed to the song's rythm, but her joy suddenly gets disrupted as Bunny's lyrics in japanese enter the scene. She then puts on a face of surprise, and looks at the camera, revealing that she doesn't understand a word the rapper is singing. Thus making the story a funny appearance for the model.

Mia Khalifa's Instagram

But Khalifa's post went to become something else, beside just a story for her Instagram. As her story was reposted by Bunny, it ended up becoming a funny exchange between the model and the rapper. Khalifa's original story was reposted on Bad Bunny's Instagram stories, as he added hysterical laughing emojis to his repost, to which Mia responded with another repost of this, writing “No because I'm not okay”, which seems to refer to the fact that she wasn't on board with the japanese lyrics.

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Recently, the lebanon-born webcam model sparked some controversy on social media, after tweeting her views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. One of her controversial tweets was when she replied a Warner Brother's tweet, which featured the return of Wonder Woman 1984 to the HBO Max streaming platform, to which Khalifa replied “we asked for the #SnyderCut, not Genocide Barbie.”

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