Mandy Moore's interview cancelled for not speaking about abuse

Mandy Moore reaches out fans to share a recent work situation that has been cancelled due to her choice of not speaking about a previous abusive relationship.

By Jose Contreras


Mandy Moore (AP)

American singer, songwriter and actress Mandy Moore has raised her voice through social media to talk about a message from a journalist (or a group of them) that was trying to force her to talk about a previous relationship, which apparently was considered abusive.

Mandy Moore has been known during a lot of time thanks to her success in music, TV and films. There are many things to as her during an interview, only based in the span of her career. However, besides having different projects to promote, the focus many media based enternainers would like to know more about her private life.


And that's exactly what she stated today, through her instagram account where she posted a story that had a few screenshots of a conversation where she gets an interview canceled based on her refusal to speak about a specific subject: Abusive relationships. In order to protect the Journalist's identity and her agent's name, Moore decided to censor the the picture including the stopic the journalist was determined to discuss.

“While I completely understand Mandy's decision not to want to discuss (topic) at all, from our perspective it would be difficult no to address it in the interview or subsequent piece. We're keen to do a supportive interview which profiles Mandy's entire life and career” the message read, adding “We're keen to do a supportive interview which profiles Mandy's entire life and acreer, and part of that would inevitably involve discussing her time with (person), given the impact he has had on her life and career.”

As educated and formal the message was written, the topic and cancelation of her interview had a wrong turn to the left. The message ended with respectful words but a rude message whatsoever: “We have to respect that it would be wrong for us to proceed with the interview”


In order to answer to the journalists negative, according to the actress's own words, she rumaged for a whole day on the response received from the journalist, who was insistent on the topic. After refusing to talk about the subject, and after a day passed, she said she woke up and still felt outraged by the journalist's position.

“This is from a publication who reached out eager to doa comprehensive piece on my life and career” she states after a whole day of trying to process the refusal, and continued adding “I have been over this bussiness for over 2 decades with plenty to chat about and sure, this publication can do as they please but the message this sends is insulting and so out of touch with the cultural discussion around abusive relationships, directly linking someone's value back to their abuser”

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