Kylie Jenner sings in Stassie's ear, while looking sexy in a black bra video

Kylie Jenner shared a story in which she appears to be cuddling with her bestie, Anastasia Karanikolou, while the latter sends tons of sweet kisses to fans and followers

By Miguel Robles

- June 04 , 2021 - 19:17 hs

Kylie Jenner (AP)

Kylie Jenner has been very open about the time she spents on her getaways, her trips, nights on the town with friends, and such. This has been the perfect way for us to get to know exactly who her best friends are. Although, recently she has spent more time taking care of her daughter Stormi, she occasionally takes some time and has certain outings with her BFFs.

Such is the case with Anastasia Karanikolou, one of her besties and whom we've been able to see with Kylie in several occasions. Now, the KYLIE Cosmetics founder has shared a story in which both her and Stassie appear to be sharing some bonding time once again, at what it seemed to be an elegant function.

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Of course these stories became a huge success among users who love to keep posted about Kylie and her endeavors. And she knows that is one of the reason for her success on social media. The latest, is a series of Instagram stories, and in one of them we can see the couple standing in front of a mirror; Kylie is holding up her phone, recording the whole scene, as we can see Stassie hugging Jenner from behind.

Kylie then starts singing “you're my best friend... forever”, while Stassie begings to send some sweet kisses to the camera and cuddles with her bestie. Therefore, fans and followers who are always keeping up with every story Kylie shares, not only received this video as a gift from the reality tv star, but also received the kisses as if they were sent to them.

Kylie has been recently in the middle of controversy, as she has been spotted sharing some time with ex boyfriend Travis Scott. Jenner shares three-year-old daughter Stormi with the rapper, and in the last weeks, they've spent some times together, making the best of it for their beloved daughter. The controversy in question, is that a lot of fans have suggested that Kylie and Travis are involved in an open relationship.

Even though Kylie came up and denied these rumors, both Travis and her have showed the world how well they get along, thus making their co-parenting arrangement the best for their little baby daughter, Stormi. Actually, she recently shared the amazing time they spent together at Disneyland; Travis, Kylie and Stormi attended the Park, and took with them Robert Kardashian's daughter, Dream.

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While posting this story, Kylie went also to inaugurate bikini season, with a post in which she shared an image wearing a colorful two-piece swimsuit, while standing in the shore of the beach. “Wishin i was still here rn,” was the captione she chose for her post, indicating how much she wishes to be having a great time by the beach at this moment.

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