Kim Kardashian Revealed That She Had Never Watched SNL In Her Life Before Hosting

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon Kim Kardashian admitted she never watched SNL before hosting, causing her an embarrassing situation with Will Ferrel

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 22 , 2022 - 10:53 hs
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian (NBC)

What an awkward situation! After hosting SNL Kim Kardashian gained several fans for showing herself and being all charming and natural delivering humorous bits of herself and her life. Even better, she also gained a new boyfriend after leaving Kanye West. As it turns out, after months of this experience, the beauty mogul has made a revelation that has left more than one shocked.

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, the SKIMS founder made the shocking revelation over her appearance on the television show. In her own words, Kim Kardashian had never watched Saturday Night Live before.

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This was revealed during her special appearance on 'The Tonight Show' when Jimmy Fallon asked her if she was nervous about hosting SL to which Kim was completely honest. "I was nervous for a second because I have to be honest, I had never seen 'SNL' before," Kardashian admitted.

Kim Kardashian went on to explain that she had gone to a taping of Eddie Murphy but she was serious about not knowing what Saturday Night Live was about.

While this might come as a surprise since Kim Kardashian is part of the Pop culture as well as SNL, she added that the only thing she knew was that “it was iconic”. To make matters even worse, Kim got candid about it and told Jimmy Fallon that she did not know he was an SNL star. “I had no idea you were on.”

Fortunately for Kardashian, her relationship with Pete Davidson appears o be fruitful because she has “been schooled.” The proof? She added that at dinner she had to text Pete about a question that arose.

“A month after I was at dinner and Will Ferrel was sitting right next to me and the show had just aired when I was on and he mentioned he had seen it and I literally had to text Pete and be like ' Wait, as Will Ferrel on SNL'?” She continued, “I was so embarrassed, I've been schooled, I know everyone that's been on now, I know everything.”

As a funny side note, later in the interview, Kim revealed that she is not the only one that has benefited from her relationship with Pete Davidson. While presenting her SKKN products, Jimmy joked asking if Pete gave her any input about the skincare routine. “I think he has really good skin,” he said.

As shocking as it might sound, Kim unveiled that skincare has made them bond as a couple. “That's like one or major bonding things. We go to dermatologist together, e inject our pimples together at the same time.” You have to admit that whether it is true or not, it really sounds cute.

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