Kendall Jenner slammed online after announcing her 818 Tequila Brand

Even though her family gushed about her hard work on her new venture, Kendall Jenner was heavily critized online by users calling her venture a 'cultural apropriation'

By Miguel Robles


Kendall Jenner (AFP)

For decades, the Kardashians had to learn how to face public scrutiny for almost everything they do or say in life. Kendall Jenner, in particular, is now under fire again from the online community after announcing that she will release her own tequila brand called 818. This she said through a post on Instagram, in which she mentioned that after four years of tastings and research, she had been able to create the “best tasting tequila” on the market.

Of course, her inner circle praised her endeavour, but several mexicans and latinx social media users didn't exactly agreed with them. Immediatly after her post, the model was accused of being a 'colonizer' and cultural appropriation in the process.

Of course, this is not the first celebrity who has ventured into this kind of business; previously, George Clooney and The Rock have also launched their own tequila labels, but have not faced the same criticism. For a long time, tequila production has been considered a pillar sustenance for many families in different parts of Mexico. However, due to recent over farming, the 'agave azul' plant (needed for producing tequila) has grown weaker, thus requiring to use more pesticides and herbicides to protect it.

Kendall's recent venture would explain the several trips she and her family have recently made to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco; especially since this state will serve as a base for her tequila brand. Kendall chose the name for her tequila finding inspiration in her Calabasas' home; she used the area code 818 for the title, which also was immediatly slammed online as one social media user called it 'white-washed'.

According to the DailyMail, this is not the only problem Kendall is facing right now with her newborn tequila brand. Over the years, this tequila has been quietly entering and winning some competitions around the world, keeping the founder's name very secretive. Recently it was revealed that the aforementioned tequila is currently undergoing a complete rebrand in terms of advertising. According to some sources, the original images set to accompany the launch of the brand, were considered 'problematic' as they allegedly showed Kendall with local farmers in Mexico.

Kendall made the announcement of this venture on Instagram, with several videos and photos of her alleged multi-year process. Of course, some of her videos showed her pals cheering her while she presented the final product. Her mom and sisters, quickly gushed over the product and all of her hard work. Social media users have called this venture the latest on the Kardashian-Jenner colonization list.

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