Keke Palmer Reveals The Met Gala Measly Menu & Fans Says It Channels Fyre Festival!

During the Met Gala, practically every celebrity who made a stop to chat with Keke Palmer mentioned that they were expectant of the food served. So she decided to share a BTS photo that set the internet on fire!

By Miguel Robles

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer (AP)

True, this is a fashion event and all, but considering the hefty price tag for a ticket to the Met Gala, one might have thought that the whole ordeal included a substancial amount of great food. According to Page Six, those who want to take part in the event must pay from $30k to $50k per ticket; but, truth be told, these prices are mostly covered by brands who invite celebrities and models as their guests.

In the end, fans from all over the internet were totally enraged about the catering, and they went on to deploy their usual arsenal of witty tweets and comments all over the place, to point out how measly the menu was at the Met Gala. Some fans tweeted: “they feeding y'all like it's Fyre Festival.” And another one went on to write, “Didn't the Fyre Festival at least have a cheese sandwich?” Another fan tweeted “Not me thinking the plate was a tortilla.” All this in response to the story Keke Palmer shared, in which the food at the lavish event was revealed.

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Other fans also noted that Tiffany Haddish might have been onto something that time when she decided to bring her own fried chicken in an ziplock bag to the event, back in 2019. The comedienne told W Magazine at the time: “Last year, I was so hungry. This year, I got me a bigger bag. Gonna put some fried chicken in it. Don't tell nobody till tomorrow. I've already called a few people that I know are going like, 'So, I'm going to bring the chicken. You bring the hot sauce, okay?”

Keke Palmer / Instagram

As per Vogue, even though the appearance of the food at the Gala seemed scarce, there was a lot of thought into food preparation for the event. According to the brand's website, this year's Met Gala featured a sustainable plant-based menu with recipes from 10 up-and-coming chefs based in New York City; all of which were hand-selected by restaurateur-chef Marcus Samuelson and Bon Appétit.

Some items included in the Met Gala's menu were a Niçoise inspired salad, gimbap, coconut custard with tahini-lime Streusel and roasted strawberry jam, Awaze jar noodles, coconut and berry pavlova, and naz khatoon. Everything from the lavish menu sounds, to say the least, good on paper. However, as per whas was visible on Instagram, the story turned out to be very different from what the promise of a banquet was.

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In essence, most internet users had an argument, which catalogued the food that was served at the highly coveted seat at the Met Gala, as the ones served at the failure that was the Fyre Festival. The aforementioned luxurious festival was going to take place from April 28 to April 30; those in attendance, who paid thousands of dollars, were promised of an high-class experience which ultimately never took place. Instead, they endured one of the most resonated cases of fraud in the history, sparking the mockery of the online community.

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