Keke Palmer Is Amazing At Impressions – Here She Shows Off Her Talent Doing Shakira and Cher

Following her hosting at the Met Gala, everybody fell in love with Keke Palmer. Now, she is showing her ample acting skills by hilariously impersonating some celebrities

By Miguel Robles

- November 25 , 2021 - 02:03 hs
Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer (AP)

Let's settle this once and for all: We all love Keke Palmer. She has been present in our lives through film, television or, lately in some of her amazing internet shows. Whether as an actress or as a host, she has made it very clear how talented she is. And now, she was able to give her talents an extension.

Recently, Palmer payed a visit to the late night show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” in which she took the opportunity as a guest to talk about her upcoming show for Disney Plus titled 'Foodtastic.' The program -as she puts it- is about food art; but not the usual food competition show we're accustomed to. This is not about eating the food, but turning food into real construction pieces, “the kind of art that they're doing here, is what you would see in a museum,” Palmer said.

Keke also mentioned that in the show, the participants are able to use food to make homages of all the Disney IP catalog. In fact, she let Jimmy Fallon know how excited she was, as she was able to create her own characters for the show as well.

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One of the most recent Keke Palmer parts was acting as a host for the highly-coveted Met Gala 2021. In fact, this gig for her, marked the first time she has ever attended the Gala. In it, she was in charge of welcoming the A-List stars, and making interviews on the red carpet. People loved her fun interview style so much, that on Twitter a trend began asking for the actor to become the host of “everything” from then on.

During the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Keke Palmer took an opportunity to talk about her infamous character Southern Belle Insults, a role that was born on Instagram as she revealed. “I created that character with my business partner Max Wyeth; pretty much, we were just hanging out one day, and he... you know, sometimes I slip into a very old school type of tone, and he was like 'there's a character in that.' So that was the genesis of her character Lady Miss Jacqueline.

Following her explanation, Keke Palmer went on to the extent of elaborate of what a 'southern belle insult' constitutes. “A southern belle insult it's like an insult that you don't even know if you should be mad at, like because the way that the southern belle does it is very like slick and sly.” The essays are available on Amazon, and there people can enjoy the different “versions” of the insults, as Keke plays five different incarnations.

At one point in the interview, which you can take a look in the video above, Jimmy Fallon asks directly to Palmer if she does any impressions, to what she confesses that she does. Keke starts telling the story of how ever since she was a kid, Queen Latifah constantly asks her to “do” her impression of Angela Bassett, whenever they have the opportunity to work together. So she shows the audience her skills, by impersonating Angela Bassett from the film “The Jacksons: An American Dream,” in which she played Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson. And, of course, they love her.

Then, the host asks if she does any musical impressions. So Keke admits that, with her friends, she gets a little playful and starts showing off her skills on impersonating some musicians such as Latin superstar Shakira, as well as a very on point rendition of Cher, singing her highly successful hit called 'Believe.'

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Aside from hosting the 'Foodtastic' show on Disney Plus, Palmer is currently shooting the upcoming Jordan Peele's horror film called 'Nope.' In the production, she stars alongside Academy Award winner Daniel Kaluuya, Steven Yeun and Barbie Ferreira. The film is currently set to be released on July 22nd, 2022.

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