Kate Middleton and Prince William share sweet 10 year anniversary photos

Even though they don't usually share these kind of endearing pictures, Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to take it to social media and celebrate their 10 year anniversary

By Miguel Robles


Kate Middleton, Prince William (AP)

In anticipation of their wedding anniversary, which will be celebrated on April 29, Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to share a couple of lovely portraits taken this week by Chris Floyd on social media. The couple took it to Instagram to reveal these endearing images, which will serve as a commemoration of the 10 years they have been officially together.

The images, which were uploaded to the Kensington Palace Instagram show the couple wearing a wide range of blue outfits, smiling alongside each other, in what has raised eyebrows from fans and followers, since it very uncommon that the couple show this kind of display of affection in photos taken of them.

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Kate and William dated on-off for about nine years before getting engaged, let alone getting married. According to The Crown historian, Kate Middleton went a great length in order to cross paths with Prince William. And finally she did, so much that they ended up having one of the most publicized marriages among royal families.

Lacey says that “Kate was very strategic,” in terms of her giving up her place at one of Britain's premier universities, Edinburgh, and opted for another one (St. Andrews) which probably didn't even have the same academic level as the former. She even had her flat fixed in order to attend university, but she decided to switch her courses to history of art, since those were the courses William was taking. Robert claims that she even went on to delay her own education by a year, and put her career at risk had she wasn't admitted at St. Andrews.”

When Kate and William first started dating in college, she was absolutely sure that it would take time for him to commit to her. According to the historian, she had to embrace the idea of having to do a long apprenticeship. Especially since marriage was not in William's short-term plans; he wanted to take a commitment until he reached 30 years old of age. So, what did she have to do? Wait for nine years until he reached the proper age he set for himself to get married. However, her persistance, says Lacey, made her get him at 28, thus making of this a strategic move from her part, and proved that she is the ideal heir to the throne.

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From the beginning, Kate Middleton has been exposed to controversy, something somewhat “normal” being the partner of one of Princess Diana's sons. However, recently, she has been the focus of certain attacks on social media and the british press, after the huge rift between her and Meghan Markle, the wife of her brother-in-law, Prince Harry. There have been speculation that she was a factor in the latter couple's decision to step down from as working royals, and move to Los Angeles in order to pursue a new life far away from U.K. tabloids and their royal family.

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