Kanye West's Girlfriend Chaney Jones Proudly Tattoos His Name

Kanye West's new girlfriend Chaney Jones appears to have a new tattoo of his name on her wrist making fans believe that she truly is in love

By Ingrid Mateos

- May 12 , 2022 - 20:14 hs
Kanye West, Chaney Jones

Kanye West, Chaney Jones (Twitter)

Mote out the way Pete, because Kanye and her girlfriend are doing the same! In case you have not heard, it was recently revealed that the SNL comedian honored the beauty mogul with some ink on her skin and now, it has been revealed that Kanye West's girlfriend has done the same thing too.

A lot has been heard about Kim Kardashian dating Pete Davidson, but on the opposite side, since Kanye was dating the Uncut Gems star Julia Fox and later broke up, not much has been revealed about his newest relationship.

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However, what it is known, is that after Fox, Ye started dating Chaney Jones who has been supporting him throughout all the drama he has had with his ex Kim Kardashian over the divorce and the custody of their kids.

In recent pictures shared n social media, fans could see that Chaney Jones has tattoed Kanye West's name on one of her wrists. She is seen wearing a silver dress while the word 'Ye' can easily be read. (The rapper recently changed his name legally).

In March, a source close to the rap artist told E! News that "Ye is having fun with Chaney," adding, "They have been spending a lot of time together in the last two weeks and he likes her company. She travels with him and they are having a good time." 

Talking about originality, Chaney Jones is not the first one to ink her lover's name. A couple of weeks ago it was revealed that Kanye's ex Kim Kardashian was also honored by her new boyfriend Pete Davidson by tattooing more than once.


During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Kardashian revealed that Pete Davidson has a tattoo on his chest that reads 'My girl is a lawyer' alluding to Kim studying for her baby bar, but also he branded her name on his neck. "This one, the Kim one, isn't a tattoo. It's actually a branding," she explained.

He wanted to do something that was really different," she said. "First tattoo he got, I was like, 'Oh, so cute, thank you! Oh my god!' Second, whatever, I'm like, 'Oh, that's so cute.' But that's what tattoo people do, right? They get tattoos of what's going on in their life." she added. Later it was revealed that apparently Davidson also tattooed her kids' initials again on his neck,


However, Kim admitted which one was her favorite. “I think my favorite one, it says here,” the Skims founder said gesturing to her collarbone, “it says, ‘My girl is a lawyer.’ And that one’s really cute.”

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