Johnny Depp Will Return To The Witness Stand In Trial – Along With These Celebrities

After a weeklong hiatus, the juicy legal battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will return, and the latter is schedule to take the stand again 

By Miguel Robles

- May 13 , 2022 - 13:46 hs
Amber Heard, Johnny Depp

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp (AFP)

One of the messiest celebrity trials of the century so far, will continue giving us tons of things to talk about, after a weeklong hiatus. Turns out, after Amber Heard took the stand and dropped a series of bombshells and blatant lies, it seems that the whole legal endeavor is ready to take an even more juicier turn. Which is why people are wondering what is the next thing they can expect.

It has been announced that, as the trial returns, there will be two women in particular taking the stand – which is not necessarily a surprise for us. First, Whitney Henriquez, Amber's sister. Her participation is truly important, as she was present for one of the most contentious moments in the relationship.

However, of course it is expected for her to testify against Johnny Depp. After all, Amber claims her sister was the reason for her to hit Johnny Depp, as she did so in an attempt to protect her from him throwing her down the stairs. This puts her as a material witness in the trial.

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The second person that will take the stand, after we didn't get testimony from James Franco, is another celebrity. More like a movie star: Ellen Barkin. This is not the first time the actress has come to testify in favor of Amber Heard, as she also did so during the UK libel trial; now, she is schedule as a witness for the defendant in this trial as well.

In an undoubtedtly interesting turn, Johnny Depp himself – who already testified a couple of weeks ago – is also scheduled to take the stand. The 'Pirates of the Caribbean' has already been cross-examined by Amber's legal team, but they've decided to tall him again, presumably to aask him about some of the bombshells Amber dropped during her testimony.

It seems that this time, his own lawyers will get to cross-examine him afterward – and nobody would be surprised if they're hoping to try to debunk some of what Amber Heard claimed during her time taking the stand. It is safe to say, though, that they will have to question Amber as well, who has had a full week off to prep.

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Amber Heard has been the latest person involved in the trial taking the stand, and she was harshly criticized after making an appearance sobbing during her deposition. People online are convinced that Amber's whole behavior during the trial so far has been staged, completely doubting this time her version of the whole narrative.

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