Johnny Depp Hints Amber Heard Asked Him To Tattoo Her Name Because Of Winona Ryder

Many years ago Johnny Depp got a tattoo to honor his love for Winona Ryder. During the defamation trial, he revealed Amber Heard asked him to do the same for her

By Ingrid Mateos

- April 21 , 2022 - 11:07 hs
Johnny Depp, Amber Heard

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard (AP)

Never before a tattoo has caused so many legal troubles. The Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard saga continues and this time the actor talked about how he lost part of his finger hinting that one of his many tattoos was the cause of the actress' anger.

While testifying and giving all the details about his private life while being in a relationship with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp revealed that his ex-wife severed his fingertip with a bottle because she hated his Winona Ryder tattoo.

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Decades ago when Johnny Depp was dating Winona Ryder, the actor got a tattoo that read 'Winona Forever.' The couple later broke up and Depp changed it to 'Wino Forever'.

In the trial, Johnny Depp declared that during a discussion with Amber Heard she got violent and hurled a vodka bottle at him, which severed the tip of his right middle finger. A graphic picture was shown to the jury as proof where the actor is on a stretcher because he was taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries, which required surgery.

According to the actor, this incident happened back in 2015 when he was filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film, Dead Men Tell No Tales but production on the film was put on hold for several weeks due to the injury, which he initially told doctors he smashed in a door.


Talking more about the Winona Ryder's tattoo, Johnny Depp says that it is a lie that he hit her because she mocked the tattoo. He firmly said that he has never hit any woman in his life and that the accusation about the tattoo never made sense to him because he would never hit anyone who makes fun of a tattoo.

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However, Johnny Depp says that Amber Heard encouraged him to get a tattoo to honor her because he already had one of a previous lover but not long after he got the tattoo  “everything started going sideways” in their relationship.“I was doing what he could to bring a smile to her face rather than a frown,” he said.


When married, Johnny Depp tattooed his knuckles with the word 'Slim', the nickname he gave her. However, after the divorce, it was altered to read 'Scum.'

As a side note, despite he also changed the Winona Forever tattoo, in a rare interview back in 1993 he admitted he regretted nothing. “No, no, of course not. I think for me, these tattoos are a journal. As opposed to writing it on a piece of paper, I just took the initiative and put it on my skin. So I wear my journal. But even though we’re not together anymore, it doesn’t take away from the honesty of when I got the tattoo.”

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