John Travolta Honors Late Wife Kelly Preston On What Would Have Been Her 59th Birthday

John Travolta took to social media to celebrate and remember his beloved wife Kelly Preston who died last year after battling breast cancer

By Ingrid Mateos

- October 13 , 2021 - 20:48 hs
John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John Travolta and Kelly Preston (AFP)

Kelly Preston died back in 2020 but that does not mean that her husband, American actor John Travolta has forgotten her. The actress, who you might remember for her roles in Jerry Maguire, The Cat in the hat, and Sky High, would have been 59 years old on October 13th.

"Happy Birthday Kelly," John Travolta captioned a throwback photo of the actress at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival where she promoted her film 'Gotti'. "We miss and love you very much." added the actor.

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The picture was shared on his social media to his more than 3 million fans and followers who flooded his comment section with good wishes and heartfelt messages. “she's celebrating w the angels “ said one fan while another added “Happy Heavenly Birthday beautiful Kelly.”

This is not the first time that John Travolta has taken his social media platforms to ¿remember his beautiful wife. Just a couple of months ago, Travolta shared another message to honor Kelly's last role in a film at the same time the movie was being premiered. “Off the Rails is Kelly’s last film,” Travolta wrote. “She was very proud of it and of all of the wonderful talent that she got to work with in it.”

Kelly Preston died back in 2020 when she was 57 years old and after battling for two years against breast cancer. The diagnosis was kept private but back in the day, several sources revealed that she was undergoing medical treatment for some time. "It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my beautiful wife Kelly has lost her two-year battle with breast cancer," Travolta announced on Instagram at the time.

Earlier this year John Travolta finally opened during an interview with Esquire about losing his longtime partner and friend. While there, he described mourning as a personal experience. "Mourning is individual and experiencing your own journey is what can lead to healing," he said. "The most important thing you can do to help another when they are in mourning is to allow them to live it and not complicate it with yours."

The actor also described that despite he was very grateful for all his support system when Kelly died, it was a really hard experience to cope with the feelings of other people around him. "Even though it's great to have company, sometimes it becomes like you're helping them rather than putting yourself to work overcoming feelings of loss and grief," he said, adding that he felt so "saturated" with other people's sadness that he "didn't know what to do."

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