John Mulaney's Ex Anna Marie Tendler Posts BRUTAL Artwork Following Olivia Munn Pregnancy News

Following John Mulaney's confirmation about him and Olivia Munn expecting a baby, his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler decided to post a BRUTAL artwork piece on social media

By Miguel Robles

John Mulaney, Anna Marie Tendler, Olivia Munn

John Mulaney, Anna Marie Tendler, Olivia Munn (AP)

Merely a year ago, Anna Marie Tendler was allegedly happily married to actor John Mulany; however, just a few months later he was sending her divorce papers and dating Olivia Munn. Even though their intentions were to keep their so-called rebound relationship in secret for their first months, the couple had some sort of “coming out” party this week, when the SNL vet confirmed rumors to pal Seth Meyers about them expecting a baby together.

Several actors and stars went on to celebrated the happy news for the troubled comic, who went to rehab late last year; but not everyone of course could express their happy wishes for both Olivia and John. There was someone not cheering from behind about the news, and we're talking about a woman who was left for a movie star.

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The shocking part of it all, is that in the past Mulaney was very clear, both in his comedy as during some interviews, that he had no intention of ever having kids while he was married to Anna Marie. However, the X-Men Apocalypse, a few months later is talking about how this woman and this baby ultimately saved his life. Rough.

There is undoubtedly a good part about all this, and that is the fact that Anna Marie has a very good outlet to express her darkest thoughts and feelings about this: Art. If you've never seen the pieces she's done, they consist of photo studies that exude raw emotion. Of course, this work in particular, having all the information we know, is truly BRUTAL.

Of course, there is no information pointing out that this piece was explicitly created as a response to the latest plot twist in her divorce process, but the timing of her posting it to her Instagram account was of course not a coincidence. When you take a look at it, it certainly raises some eyebrows, from the content it portrays.

The artist appears sitting opposite an empty chair, with the food still sitting there – showing the suddenness with which he disappeared on her. Harsh. Even so, several experts out there have interpreted her work by assuming the empty chairs surrounding the dinner table, represent the ghosts of all the children they were never going to have. The title of the work is called “Dinner in March,” the exact month when we found out about their split. However, some insiders have commented that the comedian blindsided her by asking for a divorce in February. In the end, Anna Marie's work is definitely not subtle at all, when you know the facts.

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So far, Anna Marie has only made one public statement on the split, but it says everything you need to know. Through a rep, she responded to the first reports of the divorce, saying: “I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage. I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.” Clearly, this was not a mutual, “conscious uncoupling,” right?

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