Jennifer Lopez Is Slammed After Implying Shakira's Belly Dancing “Lacked Substance”

After her documentary 'Halftime' was released, Jennifer Lopez is being criticized for comments made implying Shakira's belly dance moves were not enough

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 16 , 2022 - 10:21 hs
Shakira,Jennifer Lopez

Shakira,Jennifer Lopez (Copyright 2020. The Associated Press. All rights reserved., AP)

Jennifer Lopez appears to be again receiving a lot of backlash for her documentary 'Halftime' where she details what exactly transferred when preparing for the Super Bowl Half-time show where she performed alongside Shakira.

Now that the documentary has been released, fans have not been kind to Jennifer Lopez since a discussion was included in it and she can be heard implying that Shakira's belly dancing is not important because it “lacked substance” and is just “shaking the ass.”

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Just to refresh your memory, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performed together at the Super Bowl in 2020. At the time it was a huge feat because both ladies are Latin role models. While J.Lo is American and Puerto Rican, Shakira is Colombian and Lebanese.

Despite the impact, everyone knew what this entailed, J.Lo was seen in her documentary arguing and fighting because there was “someone else” sharing the stage with her, in fact, Lopez called it “the worst idea in the world.”

But things did not end there, If you recall correctly, Jennifer Lopez appeared on the stage wearing a Puerto Rican flag with the American flag on the other side, her daughter Esme joined her to sing and kids were in structures that looked like cages.

Everyone knew that J.Lo was sending a message after it was revealed that kids were held in rooms with cages on the southern border.

Anyway, in the documentary, it is shown that Lopez is calling NFL producer Ricky Kirshner to express her frustration over the show because they wanted to limit her performance and the cages displayed. “We’re here every day trying to make this work, and every day I turn around with somebody giving me some negative energy about, ‘Oh, we can’t have this! We can’t have that!'” she can be heard saying.

The worst thing was yet to come because Jennifer Lopez added “I’m trying to give you something with substance, not just us out there shaking our fucking asses and fucking belly dancing,” she says. “I want something real. I want something that’s gonna make a statement, that’s gonna say we belong here and we have something to offer.”

Fans have slammed her, of course, saying that she was disrespectful. “this is so disrespectful to my culture. my whole family is disappointed in JLo. “ said one fan on social media while another added “I was disgusted she said that. Belly dancing is a part of Shakira's culture, while J. Lo tried to make Shakira sing "Born in the USA," when she is a Columbian&Lebanese woman. I have normally liked J. Lo but I truly admire Shakira as a performer and her respect for many cultures. .”

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