Jared Leto And Belinda Are DATING? The Couple Went To Italy On A Vacation Trip

This is not the first time that they are seen together; some time ago, they have clarified that there is a good friendship between them. However, the rumor says that probably there is something more

By Yamne Hallal

- July 31 , 2022 - 12:29 hs
Jared Leto

Jared Leto (AP)

Recently, the Mexican-Spanish actress and singer Belinda, announced through social networks that she would go on vacation for a tour in Europe, however, what she didn't tell to her followers was that she would be climbing a mountain with Jared Leto.

Although they had already been seen together in one occasion, both said that what was between them was only a friendship, however this time it could be that the 'summer love' bears fruit between them.

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Jared Leto has been having many friendly getaways with many of his friends and has been spotted on several times in St Tropez and Mallorca with celebrities such as Jason Momoa and Chris Sharma. At this moment it seems that his vacation became more special when he went out with one of the most famous singers in Mexico: Belinda.

However, in early July, Jared was also photographed in Italy with the Russian model, Daria Korchina, with whom he was said to have had an affair. In the pictures, the 25-years-old model and the 50-years-old actor were seen arm in arm as they walked with some friends.

However, Jared has immersed himself in his work and has participated in important films such as 'House of Gucci', 'The Suicide Squad', 'Adrift' and recently starred in the film 'Morbius', alongside Matt Smith. Although 'Morbius' did not have the success that was expected with critics, it grossed more than 83 million dollars at the ticket office.

On the other side, the actress of 'Welcome To Eden', has been constantly in the spotlight due to her popular romances with international celebrities such as the singer Maluma and the magician Chris Angel, with whom, by the way, started the trend that every boyfriend Belinda has had has gotten a tattoo in her honor.

Based on that, Jared was questioned in the Mexican show of 'El Escorpión Dorado' if he would also tattoo Belinda's name, just like the singer's ex-partners have done. Jared, showing his charisma, said:

“You are talking about the singer who is very talented and who is also an actress. Wow, yes, of course, she is great,” said the singer of the band '30 Seconds To Mars'.

The 32-years-old artist had made it clear that after her breakup with the singer Christian Nodal she would be focusing on her professional career with musical performances and even participating in television series on the Netflix platform, however according to some photos that she posted on her Instagram account, it could be possible that she and Jared Leto are having something special.

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In the photographs entitled 'Summer 2022, irrepetible', Jared Leto is seen posing with a mariachi hat, in addition to the fact that in some videos Jared, along with Belinda, try to climb a mountain, a sport that Leto practices in his free time.

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