Is Lady Gaga Friends With Billie Eilish? She Reveals She Wants To Be Her Mentor

Lady Gaga has declared that she wanted to help Billie Eilish in any way possible by mentoring and giving advice over her musical career

By Ingrid Mateos

- June 23 , 2022 - 16:21 hs
Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish

Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish (AP)

Despite Lady Gaga having a lot more of experience when talking about their music career, Billie Eilish appears to be following her steps into becoming the next iconic diva in history, whether she wanted it or not.

Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga have done their own on their own path. While Lady Gaga has ventured into other ventures like her acting career in Hollywood, Billie Eilish appears to be gaining more attention as time passes with her ton of accolades and records.

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However, it can also be said that Lady Gaga has a lot more experience in the music industry and because of this, she has offered a hand and admitted to being Billie Eilish's mentor.

Billie is not exactly a kid but is the youngest one among her generation. In fact, it should not be a surprise since Justin Bieber has also defended Eilish and even declared that she should be protected at all costs from the industry and the sharks around.

But, the main interrogative remains. Are Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga friends? Their interaction started back in 2020 when Billie Eilish went on to win five Grammy Awards. For Gaga, who knows how does it feel such feat, it was an easy thing to congratulate her and send her flowers.

This bit of information was revealed in an interview with Apple Music. In there, Gaga admitted that she did it because for her it was difficult to not confide in anyone in the music industry, and did not want that for Billie who at the time was 18 years old.

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“Billie swept a whole bunch of awards so I said, ‘Let’s send some flowers’. I wrote her a note. For me, it’s healing because it hurt me that I didn’t get that. I’m going to be that for someone else” Gaga said.

Gaga then added that not many singers with more experience helped her, but wanted to help not only Billie but those who were starting in their career.

“I’ve had a harder time with older women in terms of having a female mentor. Other than Celine Dion and Carole King, it’s proven difficult to have someone who would show me the way. So I really hope that young female artists – or young artists of any gender identity or sexual identity – will know that I am rooting for them,” Gaga said.

While it has not been confirmed or denied if Billie Eilish accepted Lady Gaga's mentorship, in April 2022 Billie went to Las Vegas to attend one of Lady Gaga's shows with Tony Bennett.

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