Is Kylie Jenner Trying To Fool Us By Keeping Her Pregnancy No. 2 A Secret? Here's The Evidence!

Fans and followers of Kylie Jenner, gathered a series of evidence to make their point; they claim the Kylie Cosmetics founder is pregnant, and they are convinced that she's trying to fool us!

By Miguel Robles

- August 12 , 2021 - 13:34 hs

Kylie Jenner (AFP)

The question if Stormi Webster is really going to have a new sister has been crossing all the corners of the Internet recently, since fans are really convinced that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child. Not only that, but fans and followers are sure that the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, is determined to fool us again.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder recently posted a series of photographs in honor of her big day. In them, it was noticeable that she was holding something that seemed to be an alcoholic beverage. However, immediately followers -as investigators as they are- came to the conclusion that the photos were taken at least two months ago; their “proof” was that the light pink nail polish she was wearing in the pictures, was the same she allegedly sported back in June.

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In fact, one of the eagle-eyed social media followers went to comment that “Kylie is pregnant. She's never had the same nails for over a month... she is now showing a baby bump and won't be posting body pics that are recent.” While another user made the speculation that “Yeap! Those nails match a date of june 15 that she posted a pic and another of later on, both with that long hair.”

Kylie's family kept documenting on social media her luxurious birthday dinner, which included a hands-only shot that showed everyone holding martini glasses on Kim Kardashian's Insta stories. The thing that definitely got Ms. Jenner red-handed is that in that particular picture, Kylie is seen wearing a different manicure from what she wore while posing in the green outfit photos.

If this is true... well, what a rookie mistake! As someone 'specialized' on social media, one would think that Kylie would have paid more attention to the narrative on social media with her postings and its continuity. What's more, her friends and loved ones contributed with her glamorous online celebration by posting only photos from the past in their social media birthday tributes. No one shared photos together at her party. The overall observance was that there was no way it's her birthday and there wasn't any single photo with her friends during her celebration.

It's true, there wasn't any single selfie shared from that night. Obviously, this make everybody think that there's something fishy going on. However, Kylie made an attempt to show skeptics that her photos were actually from Tuesday by posting a full-body mirror selfie, which of course included the neon-tipped nails.

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Even though we know how Kylie is actually a Master and Commander of makeup, capable of changing her nail polish at the snap of her fingers, it wouldn't be surprising that the reality tv star would be trying to keep her pregnancy as a secret; the same way she did with Stormi, keeping the news under wraps for a while.

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