How Jennifer Garner and Marc Anthony feel about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunion?!

As the reunion of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck turns into a more serious endeavor for both stars, there are others involved, or linked to the stars, that certainly have expressed their feelings toward Bennifer 2.0

By Miguel Robles

Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony (AP / AFP)

While Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are at the center of Bennifer, bringing us entertainment with every action they do, what we really want to know is what the ex-couples. Even though they seem to have a very polite relationship with their exes, both Jennifer Garner and Alex Rodriguez, surely have something to say amidst this hurricane of events.

It's certainly a different story for their past partners; like Alex Rodriguez, who has been said he is definitely not loving the situation. As in Jennifer Garner's case, the woman that Ben Affleck was with after Jennifer Lopez, has reportedly made it very clear that she just wants to stay out of the drama, since the very beginning of the Bennifer rekindling.

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Every single thing they do, is a step the couple is taking in the direction of becoming more and more serious. As per what a source revealed recently, “Jen [Garner] does not want to get involved. She has completely moved on. She continues to focus on her kids and that is her priority. When the kids are with Ben, she hopes that is his priority too. What he does the rest of the time is not her problem. She has done everything she can to foster great relationships between Ben and the kids. But she won't get involved with who he dates or his private life.”


This is not the first time an anonymous tip has come to reveal some other POV of Bennifer from Jennifer Garner, “Jen Garner is accepting of Ben and there is no animosity. As long as Ben stays on track and keeps the situation healthy, especially regarding the kids, then Jen is happy,” said another insider for ET.

But, what does Marc Anthony thinks about this romantic rendezvous? According to Entertainment Tonight, his feelings are somewhat the same, actually. “Marc just wants Jen to be happy and fulfilled. His main concern is the well-being of J.Lo and their kids. As long as Ben keeps her and their kids happy, he has Marc's stamp of approval.” Definitely, something really mature and healthy, coming from Anthony, probably a point of view that has to do with the fact that up to this point the re-connected couple has put their families first.

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Actually, the source even went on to assure that the kids ultimately want their mom to be happy, that they are allegedly in full support of whatever that may entail. “Her kids always had a great time with A-Rod and he was very inclusive, supportive, and sensitive to their needs.” The same source even said that even though she will always hold a special space for the former baseball player in her heart, she has ultimately moved on.

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