High-kicks and a smile! Rebel Wilson's new look fits her like a glove

2020 as she deemed her "Year of health" had a stunning outcome where she lost 60lbs, but even then she stated that her "goal was never to be skinnier" but healthier

By Santiago Diaz

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson (AFP)

The actress/singer is staying at London these days and enjoys the indoor cycling sessions in the morning as she's feeling herself after getting in a workout. Rebel Wilson shared a series of pictures of her, jumping around her roof and wearing leather leggings, a black half-zip top with some glittery on it and she is indeed looking great and her fans didn't hesitate to say so, some of the posted comments were "You look stunning Rebel.," " Ok Ok u r absolutely stunning! love u, u have done amazing! Wish i had ur will power. Anyways love n kisses from Scotland".

The reason behind the "Year of health" was never to be skinny, she decided to be healthier in preparation for when she decides to be a mom, "It was initially for fertility reasons because I was thinking of a future mini me, and for that to happen, I've got to be in my healthiest shape ever," the actress explained and this process gave a super outcome with a total of 165lbs., although she insists she doesn't "focus too much on the numbers." and that says a lot of a person,."I still look like me. I love being curvy and I'm still super curvy but just a healthier version. That was my goal."

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Rebel Wilson then shared the fact that she realized the way she was an emotional eater for the last few year and whenever she felt down she would "numb herself with food," "I was traveling the world and I had a hectic lifestyle and my way of dealing with the pressure sometimes was eating ice cream and brownies, but at the end of the day i wasn't treating myself with love. i'll have desert once or twice a week now. It's just not an everyday thing, having a sweet tooth will always be my vice, but online shopping has crept up a bit!"


"It's been twenty years of an up and down struggle," she said. "I've wanted to share as much as I can and all the things I've learned. Going on long walks, eating more protein and just being grateful, those are things you don't need to go to some mega fancy facility to learn. I've learned to change my behavior slowly and become more healthy and I'm proud of myself but it's still a journey." Wilson is hopping to maintain her new, healthier lifestyle, and keep in her mind the lessons learned about her body image.

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Rebel shared a picture of her with an ice pack on her leg with the caption “F-- people who don't have their dogs on the lead and let them run onto the road!!” all of this after she was knocked out of her bike by a dog.

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