Here's Every Single Must-See, Star-Studded Commercial For The Super Bowl LVI

Some of the stars appearing in these Super Bowl LVI commercials include Salma Hayek, Mila Kunis, Megan Thee Stallion, Zendaya, Paul Rudd and Pete Davidson

By Miguel Robles

- February 08 , 2022 - 13:14 hs
Super Bowl Star Studded Commercials

Super Bowl Star Studded Commercials (Special)

First there was the Super Bowl Halftime Show, which year after year has become a coveted position and a massive platform for the entertainment business stars to shine. The halftimeshow is probably one of the most important events of the year in terms of performance. This year will become another milestone, recruiting Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige as the main act.

However, there has been another venture for the entertainment business to explore [and explote] their properties: tv commercials. For several years, the Super Bowl ads have growth in relevance, becoming a primordial platform to announce big launchs. Naturally, stars have been summoned for these coveted and million-worthy ads, so they have ultimately turned into another main event itself.

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Fortunately, we don't have to wait until the long-awaited day to see all of the commercials, so here is a list of all the star-studded commercials for the Super Bowl LVI so far; grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy! Especially because many of them are worth the wait.

HELLMANN'S: Pete Davidson & Jerod Mayo

For this commercial, we have Jerod Mayo acting as a fierce player taking a stand against wasting food. We see him tackling everyone who attempts to toss potatoes, chicken, bread or spinach which, according to him, could be food that once mixed with mayonnaise could be repurposed.

The ad ends with Jerod Mayo tackling Pete Davidson, even after the comedian tells the linebacker that his family already took his advice. However, as the SNL alum points out, he is “very hittable,” thus ending in the floor with Jerod on top of him.

UBER EATS: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Coolidge and Trevor Noah

For its Big Game's commercial, Uber Eats decided to pull the big guns and recruited three major stars: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Coolidge and Trevor Noah. The campaign is titled 'Uber Don't Eats,' and through a series of bits with these celebrities, it suggests that people can now order more than food from the delivery app.

The first spot, with Jennifer Coolidge, shows how the actress receives her delivery package filled with food, but she also discovers that there is a lipstick and a makeup brush in the bag. “What lipstick? Lipstick delivered with Uber Eats?” she asks, before taking a taste and a bite out of the purple-colored lipstick. “Oh, tastes like purple!” she exclaims. After that, she grabs the makeup brush out of the bag, and takes a bite. “I love this!,” she says.

The second spot, in which Noah appears, shows the comedian pulling out from the Uber Eats Bag a dedorant, only to show confusion about this. And finally assuming that the deodorant bar is an edible piece and takes a bite out of it... chews it for a few seconds, and realizes that it doesn't taste good. The final teaser, with Gwyneth Paltrow, hilariously shows how the actress takes a bite out of her Goop “Smells Like My Vagina” candle that she supposedly take out from the Uber Eats Bag, and says “this candle tastes funny. Not bad, but funny.”

NISSAN: Eugene Levy, Dave Bautista, Danai Gurira

Eugene Levy, Danai Gurira and Dave Bautista are off to an amazing start with this Nissan commercial for the Big Game, which for sure will be an epic endeavor for the brand. The company released two movie trailer-style teasers for a fake movie titled “Thrill Driver.”

In the first 30-second teaser we can see Levy wearing a shoulder-length wig and leather jacket, as he drives a speedy, bright yellow sports car. Then, the video cuts to short flashes of different scenes, including three people riding motorbikes, fire explosions and Levy being chased through a parking garage by two motorcyclists.

The second teaser, meanwhile, shows Levy, Gurira and Bautista, and introduces their characters. Gurira starring as “The Hot Shot,” Bautista plays “The Pointman” and Levy is “Dragon.” The clip shows Bautista riding on the back of a motorcycle as Guiria drives. “Hang on!” she exclaims before Bautista is thrown off the bike. At another point, Levy shifts the yellow sports car into another gear. “Time for this dragon to fly,” he says.


Even though the Squarespace's Big Game spot is just a 10-second clip, Zendaya still makes an impression. The commercial begins with footage of a shell as the words “Everything to sell anything” morphs into “Everything to shell anything.” The 'Euphoria' actress appears on screen wearing a blue dress with decorative shells on the top, making a mark with her gracious presence while we can listen to sounds of the ocean in the back.

MICHELOB ULTRA: Steve Buscemi & Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning and Steve Buscemi are teaming up for the latest Michelob Ultra campaign, which has dropped three teasers ahead of the Big Game's commercial. The latest series of ads take place at a bowling alley, named 'Superior Bowl.' The first one shows the exterior of the bowling alley, then cuts to the inside of the place and shows someone lacing up their bowling shoes.

The second teaser opens with the same inviting ecterior shot of the bowling alley, and then shows someone getting things set up like cleaning bowling shoes, wiping down the bar, only to reveal that is none other than Steve Buscemi. The final clip reveals that the man lacing up his bowling shoes is Peyton Manning, and he's getting ready to roll the ball, and then the commercial ends before we can witness the player's bowling skills.


The signature saxophone's sound has made its way to the Super Bowl this year, as the musician is appearing as the star of a Busch's Super Bowl commercial. The ad shows two men enjoying a cold beer while sitting on a log in the forest. “Whenever you crack open a Busch Light, the mountain starts singing,” says one man to the other, while handing him a cold one.

Then, the other guy wearing a maroon-hat cracks open a Busch Light, only to see [and listen] three singing figures in the sky above the mountains. One of these performers introduces Kenny G, who also makes his appearance in the sky and begins playing a jingle on his saxophone. “So smooth,” says one of the guys, and the other agrees.

AT&T: Demi Moore & Mila Kunis

Both actresses have teamed up for a very funny commercial, in which they both attend a high school reunion. An announcer at the event is ready to reveal the person who was voted “Most Admired Alum” by their peers.

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As they make their way to the stage, each thinking they won the award, only to find out that neither of them was crowned. However, they look surprised to see each other on the stage, so Moore tells Kunis “I had no idea that we went to the same high school,” and Kunis replies “We have a lot in common.”

LAYS: Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd

Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd appear taking a trip down memory lane with Lay's for its Super Bowl ad. The 1-minute commercial begins with the duo enjoying a bag of Lay's before Rogen's wedding day, and start reminiscing about “the old days”, in which they always seem to have had a bag of chips on the side.

Their memories include the first road trip they took, their first “heart to heart,” and also when Rogen bought his first house, which was haunted by a demon. The commercial then cuts to Rogen's wedding, and we discover that his bride is the demon that inhabitated his first house, while Paul Rudd appears as the officiant.


For the first-ever Flamin' Hot Super Bowl campaign, there was no one hotter than Megan Thee Stallion. The “Hot Girl” appears in two of the three teasers the brand has released so far.

The first one begins with Megan arriving on a set, presumably to shoot the commercial. It is a delight see the rapper munching some Flamin' Hot Cheetos and, as she arrives, is asked by security if she has any possible allergies to different kind of animals, such as foxes, water buffaloes, sloths and bears. After she responds that she is not, the security lets her inside, before then asking one more question: "You're comfortable around crocodiles right?" Megan replies, "A croca-what?!"

In the second clip, the “Body” rapper appears once again munchin' some Doritos Flamin' Hot Cool Ranch Doritos as she intents to walk to her trailer. However, when she arrives, she finds that the door is locked. The door then opens just a crack, only to find a sloth's hand to take down the sign that has Megan's name on it. Then shuts the dor. “Excuse me?!” Megan funnily responds.

The third teaser consists of Charlie Puth, who walks to his trailer. However, at his arrival, he finds that someone – or something – has already been inside it as the door is open ajar. He nervously steps into the trailer, only to find that it's covered in Flamin' Hot-covered animal footprints.


In this funny ad, Idris Elba seems to be getting ready for his Big Game debut, which turns out to be a Booking.com commercial. The travel website dropped two teasers in which Elba appears rehearsing for this gig. The first one shows the 'The Wire' actor testing out his chops on spokespersons [and famous commercial actors] Jonathan Goldsmith and Isaiah Mustafa. These two are famous for appearing in Dos Equis and Old Spice ads, respectively.

“Booking dot yeah,” Elba says to Goldsmith and Mustafa over Zoom, as the two renowned actors give him ratings: “Seven,” Goldsmith tells Elba, “great effort.” Meanwhile, Mustafa gives Elba a six. In the second teaser, Elba calls his “spokes-blokes” for some advice. “I just wanted to reach out to two icons of the advertising world.” The two actors throw some questions at Elba, like “Are you going to be wearing a shirt?” and “Are you going to be any singing animals? Maybe fire explosions? Maybe cars driving in, with people jumping out paragliding?”, “I'm definitely going to be wearing a shirt,” Elba replies. “Ooh! I got it. You reverse skydive. Have you ever done that? No. You're going to be the first,” Mustafa says before the ad ends.

BMW: Arnold Schwarzenegger & Salma Hayek

The latest BMW commercial for the Big Game has an interesting triad on it: Coffee, Greek mythology and cars. For its upcoming Super Bowl campaign, the brand released a first teaser starring none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Greek god Zeus, who is seen picking up a cup of java from a coffee shop.

“I got a macchiato for a Zayus, Zoyce? Zoyce?” a barista [Matty Cardapole] yells at the coffee shop, only to have Schwarzenegger correcting him “It's Zeus,” as he appears on screen waiting for his order at the counter. “Whoa. Kind of like the Greek god of lightning,” the barista asks, to which Arnold replies: “It's exactly like that.” Then he grabs his cup of coffee and walks away.

This campaign marks the first Super Bowl ad in years for the brand, and it seems that two other stars will be involved in the campaign, probably at a later date: Salma Hayek and Ralf Moeller who have also shared some posters on social media, dressed up as Hera and Poseidon, respectively. We can't wait to see their ads, tbh!


“What's Gotten Into Lindsay?” is the name of the hilarious spot Planet Fitness has released for the Big Game. The 30-second TV spot has the actress poking fun at her past life, including her DUI and being a target for the paparazzi. However, the ad shows how the 'Mean Girls' actress has completely changed now.

The clip begins with Lohan running on a treadmill as fellow gymgoers ask in unison: “What's gotten into Lindsay?” The narrator then continues to detail the changes Lindsay has incorporated in her “new” life. “She's never been sharper,” she says as we see her smashing other competitors on Jeopardy [including Dennis Rodman]. The voiceover also tells that Lohan is “sleeping better than ever, which the paparazzi aren't thrilled about.”

Then the clip gets even funnier when it cuts to Lohan bedazzling a house arrest bracelet for Danny Trejo. “She's even more productive, trading DUIs for DIY,” the narrator explains. “The verdict is...,” Lohan says... to which Trejo responds as reviewing Lohan's work on his bracelet: “Gorgeous!”

The narrator is then revealed to be none other than William Shatner, who says, “Maybe it's not what's gotten into Lindsay, it's what Lindsay's gotten into,” while Lohan greets Shatner before heading out the Planet Fitness' premises.

AMAZON ALEXA: Scarlett Johansson & Colin Jost

The hilarious commercial has real life husband and wife Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost, in which they both find out how damaging it could be for their relationship in the jarring scenario that Alexa could read their minds.

From trivial things like Alexa ordering automatically some fresh mint after they wake up, to playing songs [Fleetwood Mac's “Lies”] with the direct purpose to point out that they are both lying while watching a love scene on TV. The commercial ends with the couple concluding that it would be betther if Alexa couldn't read their minds, after spilling the tea in front of guests at the dinner table.


What better way to promote its “loudest flavor ever” than recruiting Guy Fiery, the creator of Flavortown. Bud Light Seltzer has revealed his ad with the American restaurateur, which begins with a guy at a party, who opens a can of Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda. Then, the refrigerator turns into some sort of portal, from which two people – dressed in futuristic outfits – walk out of it. “Loud flavor,” says one of the guys, and the woman besides him replies: “The mayor must see this.”

The pair then “steal” the bucket filled with seltzers and enter the portal, only to be followed by the three friends that were at the party, entering the “Land of Lost Flavors.” As the futuristic man and woman reach the mayor, bringing him the seltzers, it is revealed that the man is none other than Guy Fieri.

After opening a can of the Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda, the celebrity chef loves the flavor and announces to his town: “Citizens, there's a new flavor in town. I declare Bud Light Seltzer Hard Soda, the loudest flavors ever!” The ad ends when it cuts to the three friends back at the party, while one of the three cheers in excitement.

RAKUTEN: Hannah Waddingham

Rakuten released a spot for the Big Game, which has the “Ted Lasso” star Hannah Waddingham practicing evil laughs while looking at a mirror in the same fashion as Snow White's Evil Queen. However, the brand also released later another spot showing the actress playing poker at a casino-like table, betting all the goods she seemed to have purchased on the platform.

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The ad shows how she keeps raising the stakes of the game, placing her stilettos, a flat-screen tv, a smart vacuum, only to find out that her opponent has the exact same objects to be on par with her at the table. In the end, the ad shows how the actress leaves the table in anger, as she loses because her opponent also puts on the table the cashback she allegedly received from Rakuten for buying all those objects.

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