Hailey Bieber opened up after a restaurant hostess' TikTok video claiming she's rude

After a viral video on TikTok, in which its creator claimed she had a bad experience with Hailey Bieber, the model went on to address how she felt after the proliferation of the clip

By Miguel Robles


Hailey Bieber (AP)

TikTok has been the best platform to reach out to people and teaching a lof of recipes, life hacks, and a great place to give and receive advice. But it has been also the best media to make claims and “revelations” about almost anything. One of the most recent trends on TikTok has been people making claims about celebrities and behind the scenes bits about certain shows or any other endeavor within the entertainment industry not known to the public eye.

One of the latest accusations on social media was towards Hailey Bieber, who was called as rude by a former restaurant hostess, assuring that the socialite and model was “not nice” to her, during the encounters they both had. Even though the video went viral last summer, the 24 year old media personality uploaded a video on her YouTube channel, which featured a virtual convo with a psychiatrist, and remembered being “so upset” after watching the Tik Tok.

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The aforementioned video shows Julia Carolan, a former restaurant hostess, who has had several encounters with other celebs and decided to “rate” her encounters. According to Carolan, after Hailey came into her workplace, she decided to give the model a low score of 3.5; However, this prompted Hailey to apologize later.

In her sit down with Dr. Jess Clemons, Hailey went on to say that when she saw the video, she felt so upset, “there's never an excuse for being rude. I felt bad that that was her experience with me, but it made me kind of frustrated because you never know what someone's going through”. These thoughts triggered her memories about times when she felt so sad, and was so heartbroken that, according to her, engaging with people felt hard for her. True, Hailey Bieber said she didn't remember ever meeting Carolan before, and she said she wishes she didn't act that way towards her, in any case.

Hailey took the opportunity to talk about how she is a human, and remind everyone that she made a mistake and acted in a way that was so out of character. The model has been married to Justin Bieber since 2018, and continued saying that she tries to do better every single day. She is in a constant growth as a person, and made sure people know that she is open to be corrected by people. “I just don't think that those people that try to tell me what I need to be and what I need to do, need to be people on social media”.

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The video Carolan shared has garnered 18 million views so far, it belongs to an account in which she regularly shares her personal experiences with other celebrities in the likes of Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid and her sister Gigi, while she worked at a restaurant located in Manhattan.

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