Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Her Mom Is Not Amused With Her Goop’s Vagina-Related Products

The acclaimed actress Blythe Danner is not really happy with the vagina-related products her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow is selling on her beauty company 'Goop' 

By Ingrid Mateos

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow (Twitter)

Now imagine your daughter has a super-hot-brand company and you want to show off your daughter's success but in its catalog, there is a 'This smells like my vagina' candle? Apparently, that is what's happening to the famous actress Blythe Danner, mother of Gwyneth Paltrow and her beauty company Goop.

In a recent interview for Today, Paltrow was asked about her mother's thoughts on her intimate products and he gave us her insight."Is your mother ever like, 'Gwyneth, I can't ...," Savannah Guthrie asked Paltrow. "Always," she replied. The American actress then added that she is not even surprised about her mom's reactions "Look, I think that our sexuality is such an important part of who we are. And, you know, even the fact, if you think about it, we're on morning television. So we can't talk about female pleasure.”


She also noted that even proper ladies have sexuality too but “it sort of gives you an insight into how, culturally, it’s still taboo,” she added. “And one of the things we really believe in at Goop is kind of eliminating shame from these topics.”

Valued at $250 million dollars, Goop was founded in London around 2008 by actress Gwyneth Paltrow and started as an e-mail newsletter but then expanded launching pop-up shops, a print magazine, a podcast, holding a "wellness summit," and a docuseries for Netflix. Since then, Goop has grown into several lines that offer make-up and skincare, a fashion line, an all-natural fragrance line, furniture, and home decor, even gluten-free vitamins, and supplements.

Nevertheless, if Blythe Danner is a little bit not happy with her daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter, Apple Martin is being super supportive of her mom and her company. "So she was sort of part the product development process," Paltrow said. "And so that when it came out, I was like, 'Oh, my gosh, should I let her be in the picture or not?' Because she wanted to be in the picture. So we decided to let her." In her, the actress is referring to the latest roast she received from Apple, and you can read about it here.

Despite all the success the brand has achieved, it has come with some controversial and awkward situations, and we are not even including that famous candle. In her catalog we could find a 'jade egg' that “improves everything from orgasms to hormonal imbalances” but doctors quickly turned it down this and warned people that it could be dangerous, later 'Goop' received a $145.000 fine for its "unsubstantiated marketing claims."

Later, they released “healing stickers” made with the same "conductive carbon material" NASA uses to make spacesuits. Mark Shelhamer, the former chief scientist at NASA's human research division, declared that NASA does not even use carbon to make its spacesuits "Wow, what a load of BS this is." And just so you know, Goop's "This Smells Like My Vagina" candle is sold out. So this might have actually worked.

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