Gal Gadot is expecting third child with husband Jason Varsano

Gal Gadot took her social media accounts to reveal the expansion of her family, through a picture in which the whole family is touching her sweet baby bump

By Miguel Robles


Gal Gadot (AFP)

It's been a great few months for Gal Gadot. Even though her film Wonder Woman 1984 did not perform the way it was expected (partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic impact on film and TV), she has been very active lately. Whether as a guest on TV shows or participating in certain events to promote the aforementioned film.

But now, everything seems to be getting better for her and her family. The greek actress just took to her social media to announce that her family was expanding, since Gadot is pregnant expecting her third child with her husband Jason Varsano.

“Here we go again”, was the caption used for a post Gal Gadot made on Instagram, in which the 35 year old actress shared a photo of herself in the company of her husband, Varsano, and their two daughters, Alma, 9, and Maya, 3; the three other members of the loving family appear in the photo touching Gadot's small baby bump.

The actress has made clear in several occasions how she loves to be a mom. In fact, during an interview with Baby Magazine, she mentioned how her daughter Alma thinks acting is cool, but it's nothing flashy for her. She went on to say that Alma doesn't pay much attention, even when Gadot is talking to someone about her work or Wonder Woman, she tries any way possible to change the topic. However, her mum has made sure that she learned that every woman is a wonder woman. “I was very nervous as a young mother”, admitted the Fast & Furious star.

Regarding Maya, her other 3 year old daughter, Gadot has said that with the previous experience with Alma, she had been able to enjoy the second time around much more. She also mentioned how bringing a second child to the family, changes the whole dynamics. Especially since she has to make sure that Alma receives the same amount of love and attention, even if there is a new member present. Fortunately Alma loves her little sister, the actress says, and this has become a beautiful time for her family.

We know Gal Gadot is a Wonder Woman, she knows she is a wonder woman. However, according to her nothing would be the same without the help of her husband, whom she married back in 2008. While tons of celebrities gushed about the new upcoming star's baby, she has repeatedly praised Varsano's support in this venture of hers.

About her husband, she has said that she loves every moment she spends with him and her daughters. No matter how successful of a businessman he is, Gadot affirms that for both parents family comes first. “I am a very, very happy woman who can hardly wait to come home to my family every time I finish work on a film”, she said.

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