Emily Ratajkowski Says Kim Kardashian Is Her Inspiration: “She Is A Queen”

Queens supporting queens! Emily Ratajkowski recently revealed that when she is feeling a little blue, she likes to look up what Kim K is doing so she can cheer up 

By Ingrid Mateos

Emily Ratajkowski - Kim Kardashian

Emily Ratajkowski - Kim Kardashian (Instagram)

The American model Emily Ratajkowski spoke recently about her daily routines, her self skin-care, and what she does when she is feeling a little down. However, not even in our wildest dreams, we thought that the model addressed a certain well-known socialite as her role model.

While there is not a certain point in the timeline as to where, when, or how they became friends. Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratajkowski started exchanging some words on Instagram many years ago. The whole scenario was a bit surreal, to be honest, but that does not mean it was not an epic occasion. Kim shared a topless pic looking confident and sharing some wise words, a troll came and tried to release some backlash and Emily Ratajkowski came to the rescue and replied to said troll.

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Days later, EmRata shared a beautiful bouquet of flowers that Kim sent to thank her. "Emily — Hey I wanted to thank you so much for your support last week. I saw your tweets and just think it's so powerful when women support other women! So thank you. XO, Kim." If that does not start an amazing friendship, we just do not know what else do you want.

Anyway, recently  Emily Ratajkowski welcomed her baby Sylvester and has been showing us how proud she is of her offspring sharing some pictures while breastfeeding the child, and even just some days ago we could see both of them wearing matching outfits ready for summer. However, that has not stopped the model, not even a bit. She recently spoke to Glamour Magazine and revealed something that can be related to the situation we previously mentioned with Kim K. "I want women to understand their sexuality outside of a patriarchal male gaze. We’re sexual beings and that should be celebrated rather than attacked."

"There are days when I can‘t look in the mirror because I am sick of myself. Days when I don’t like how I look or I want to change certain things about myself. It’s important to remember that those times where we feel ‘stuck’ inside our body are going to come, but the next day you might feel amazing." She also revealed that the celebrity she looks up to when she is feeling a bit down is our loved mogul. "Kim Kardashian [West] is the queen and seems so confident. Whenever I‘m feeling down, I think, ‘Be more Kim, you don’t care.’ I live for her TBTs, she was such a cute kid." Emily also talked about more mundane things like her love for wearing wigs, gave us the best tip when choosing a new perfume ("Never go too sweet with fragrance”) and that she never uses powder blush and instead, applies her lipstick.


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