Elizabeth Hurley is having fun and shows some skin after topless pic

The Austin Powers actress has been having fun in the alternate universe she has created for herself, as a way to escape the hard reality of the pandemic

By Miguel Robles

- January 30 , 2021 - 16:39 hs
Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley (Elizabeth Hurley's Instagram)

During difficult times as the ones we're living in, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, some celebs are eloping to some places in which they have built their own personal paradise, just as a way to escape reality. One of these celebs though, hasn't been able to leave home due to some authorities restrictions (and the hazard of traveling right now); so she has decided to take over her Instagram account to develop a narrative in which she imagines all the fun she's having whilst pretending to be in the most fun vacay ever!

We're talking about Elizabeth Hurley, 55, who now has posted another video of her wearing a teeny tiny bikini, as part of her third day in what seems to be an amazing 'pretend vacation' as she calls her supposed 10-day-getaway. This snap surges days after her topless picture drama, in which she posted a photo on Instagram showing too much skin only to be slammed by british tv host Morgan Piers.

The topless image, of course, went viral immediatly. Not only because it showed the amazing body the model has, but also because the composition and concept behind the picture made the posting to be very bold. In it, Hurley is posing completely topless, wearing the bottom piece of a bikini part of the collection of her line Elizabeth Hurley Beach, while she sports a spectacular fur coat. Did we mention this photo was taken in a snowy scenery?

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After a series of posts on social media, we have witnessed how the actress has been having the time of her life during these complex times. Mere days after the topless debacle, Hurley posted a photo of her jumping in the sandy beach flaunting the fun she's been having in her 'pretend vacay'. She captioned the picture by saying how fed up she is with being at home, that she's pretending she's away and living vicariously through her camera roll for the next 10 days

So far, the Austin Powers actress have been two photos and a video, showing her in paradise. Of course, she has been very smart to do this after her ches-flaunting photo broke the Internet, taking advantage of the sudden popularity to show the world her creations for her own bikini line. This marketing stint is not the first one Hurley has used to promote her beach clothing line, she usually posts some bold images of her bare chested, showing her skills to make an impact on social media.

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Even though Morgan Piers took the mic to slam the actress and model, by saying how creepy it was that her 19 year old was the one who took her topless picture, she made a comeback on Twitter in which she clarified that it wasn't her son who snapped the images, but her 80 year old mum. Thus shutting down Morgan's trap about her doing whatever she wants on her social media channels.

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