Did You Know Michael Jackson Crashed A P.Diddy Party So He Could Say Hi To Beyoncé?

What would you do in order to meet Beyoncé? According to Sean 'P.Diddy' Combs, Michael Jackson was smooth and simply crashed a party. After all, would you say 'No' to the King of Pop?

By Ingrid Mateos

- July 20 , 2021 - 21:42 hs
Beyonce -Michael Jackson

Beyonce -Michael Jackson (AFP)

If we ever start telling all the adventures involving Michael Jackson, we certainly will never end since all of his adventures apparently were more than unbelievable. However, this time we bring you a story that probably you did not know about the American singer.

So, can you guess what 'The King of Pop' Queen B and P. Diddy have in common? Apparently a lot, and we did not even know about it! It looks like destiny played a lot in here. Many years ago, Sean “P. Diddy' Combs shared an amazing story to David Letterman that we bet he will never forget.


Almost two decades ago, back in 2003, Beyoncé was starting her solo career, and 'Crazy in Love' was played in every radio and music channel existent. And the rapper, known for his eccentric parties, was hosting one for the MTV Movie Awards and that's when the unexpected happened. “Security, they come over me, and they say: ‘Mr. Combs, Mr. Michael Jackson is here to see you.’ I’m like, ‘Get outta here!'” Diddy told Letterman.

“So, I go over, I find Mike and I’m like: ‘Mike, what’s up, what are you doing here? Thanks for coming!’ So I get him a booth, we go to the booth, we start chit-chatting.” And later they even got a snap together! However, P. Diddy recalls that at this moment he heard a whisper in his ear. It was Michael Jackson asking from someone special. “He whispered in my ear: ‘Where’s Beyoncé?’ He came to the party to holla at Beyoncé. This is before Jay-Z, though. He came to the party to holla at Beyoncé, finds her, and dances with Beyoncé at the party! Mike was smooth.”


In fact, P. Diddy has talked about this event in another interview, and there he revealed that MJ was not really invited because everyone around assumed that someone at his level would not go to parties from the peasants. However, the surprise came later because it was completely the opposite. "I was always impressed with how down to earth," Puff remembered of the King of Pop.  "But this was extra down to earth, he's like asking if it's alright if he can come to the party.

So, did Michael Jackson danced with Beyoncé? According to Combs, yes they did. "I recall them dancing ... Even if they never danced that's the way it is in my mind.  It was so real that Mike recognized the greatness in Beyonce early and had no ego about it.  He was also ready to go for his as a man.  I remember Michael had the courage to come to the party, ask for Beyonce, and even dance with her," Puff remembered.

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