Cesar Millan's Pit Bull Killed Queen Latifah's Dog, Then He Covered It Up: Shocking New Lawsuit!

According to a shocking new lawsuit, one of the Dog Whisperer canines, not only attacked a "star gymnast" causing severe injuries, but he also killed Queen Latifah's dog

By Miguel Robles

Cesar Millan, Queen Latifah

Cesar Millan, Queen Latifah (AP)

Cesar has built a reputation for being excellent with dogs. “The Dog Whisperer” has been the nickname upon which he has been able to build a very successful career as a celebrity dog trainer. In fact, Millan recently launched a new series for NatGeo, titled “Better Human Better Dog, which is currently streaming on Disney+.

Of course, having dog troubles won't be great for his show, let alone his successful brand. Especially when the alleged trouble has to do with a newly shocking lawsuit involving a killer pit bull, an injured gymnast and Queen Latifah!

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As per what some court documents TMZ was able to obtain, Lidia Matiss is suing the reality tv personality for unspecified damages after she sustained serious injures from his pit bull, Junior, that she says left her “impaired”, “wounded,” and “disfigured.”

The outlet points that Lidia had an encounter with the aforementioned dog back in 2017, when she was visiting her mom, who worked for Cesar at an office building in Van Nuys, CA. The owner of the canine was no other than Cesar Millan. Lidia says that Junior was “roaming the halls unsupervised and unleashed” and attacked her, “repeatedly biting her on the legs, including her left calf.” As per what the young woman says, she had to go to the emergency room, where she found out to have been severely injured.

According to the documents, Lidia was a “star gymnast” performing at a level 10, at the time of the incident. She was also reportedly “being actively recruited by the University of Pennsylvania.” However, due to her injuries from the attack of the dog, which apparently were so severe, “she could no longer compete due to the extreme pain she was enduring.” Even now, she claims to suffer physical and emotional pain, the filing points out.

Her lawyers, Omar G. Qureshi and Brian M. Adesman, filed the documents in which Lidia says that Cesar “knew Junior had a history of violence yet regularly allowed the dog to roam free.” According to the filing, this wasn't the first time Junior had attacked a person, and he had also “mauled several dogs”. Even one dog belonging to Queen Latifah!

The same documents claim that Latifah brought two of her dogs to Cesar's Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita, CA, where Junior actually “mauled one of her dogs to death.” Not only that, but Lidia says that the 52-year-old “covered it up by telling his staff to tell Queen Latifah the dog was hit and killed by a car.”

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Undoubtedly, things are not looking good for the Dog Whisperer right now, especially when Lidia is spilling all this tea, and she most certainly has first-hand information from her mom, who at the time was part of Cesar Millan's staff. Junior, as per what the trainer revealed on Instagram, passed away in July; however, the lawsuit goes on, and it could be big trouble for Cesar.

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