Britney Spears Slams Catholicism For Not Letting Her Marry In A Church

Britney Spears admits she is not happy with the catholic after revealing that they did not let her marry in a church in Los Angeles

By Ingrid Mateos

- August 03 , 2022 - 08:53 hs
Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's Wedding

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari's Wedding (Instagram)

Another day, another chapter in Britney Spears's life where she has shared a message to accuse those who have done her wrong. Surprisingly, this time the Princess of Pop is not slamming her family or the paparazzi, instead, she is taking things to another level since she is slamming the catholic church.

Her more than 41 million fans and followers witnessed how Britney Spears shared a post to criticize the catholic church. The reason is very simple but complex at the same time since the singer is accusing them for not letting her marry in one of their churches (she was raised as a Baptist).

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Posting an image of the church where a wedding can be seen happening, Britney criticized the organization for not letting her marry there. To make things a little bit more incredible, according to her message Britney implies that she wanted to marry two years ago but the pandemic happened.

“This is where I originally wanted to get married during COVID!!!!” the singer said. “I wanted to go every Sunday … it’s beautiful and they said it was temporarily shut down due to COVID !!!! Then 2 years later when I wanted to get married there they said I had to be catholic and go through TEST !!!! Isn’t church supposed to be open to all ??”

Fans of the Toxic singer tried to explain her why this happened in the first place although there were others who took it as a joke. “It happened the way it was supposed to be!! I’m happy for you and your husband. “ said one fan while another added “Giiiirrll this is a MESS! To get married in the Catholic Church yes you have to be catholic it’s not just a random venue.”

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Others criticized her “Some traditions need to be respected Britney.” while another fan lectured explaining to her the reasons why this happened “The church is open to all but Marriage is a sacrament meaning that you must be Catholic to get married there. The “test” is meant to make sure that you’re entering your marriage prepared for the road ahead of you with God at its foundation. The Church is not just a “venue” it is sacred.”


Britney Spears did not reveal which church she was referring to but eagle-eyed fans found out it is the St. Monica Catholic Church in California, which happens to be one of the biggest churches in Los Angeles.

Call it a coincidence, but on the same date but back in 2021 Britney Spears revealed that she was turning to the Catholic religion in a now-deleted post. "Pssss as for the next video … I just got back from mass … I’m Catholic now … let us pray!!!”

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