Billie Eilish Seemingly SHADES Jennifer Lopez At The VMAs – Watch!

The entire crowd went crazy when Jennifer Lopez made an appearance at the VAMs; the entire crowd, but one, who was definitely not impressed about her participation!

By Miguel Robles

- September 13 , 2021 - 14:30 hs
Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish (AP)

We already know Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez, as she took to social media to publicly support Bennifer 2.0 through her Instagram stories. But someone who is definitely a big time follower of J-Lo is Billie Eilish.

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Jennifer Lopez made an appearance at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards to present an award; instantly as she popped on the stage, the entire arena of fans and celebrities went cray-cray. However, the camera happened to be focusing on the one person in Brooklyn's Barclays Center that was not exactly thrilled to see J-Lo onstage.

On Twitter, a short clip reshaped by viewers started to spread, in which the 19-year-old singer appears looking bored AF with a poker face while not clapping for Jenny From The Block's arrival. However, her brother Finneas is shown in the video as well, while he appears to be clapping somewhat halfheartedly beside her. You can take a look at the clip for yourself and judge the moment below!

There was another angle of the aforementioned shot, in which Billie Eilish might have given one sheepish clap before twiddling her fingers instead. (Look below!)

As per what we can see in the video, the whole action seems like a purposeful decision. Right?! The awards show moment certainly sparked some debate on the internet; several fans and followers immediately went on to social media to pour their feelings and thoughts about it. One user simply wrote a question on Twitter, and said what everyone else in the room (and outside) were thinking: “What's the tea?,” he wrote.

Of course, other were in total support mode for the 'Happier than ever' singer. In fact, several stans went on to make comments like “me,” while others added that “billie has taste.” The moment was regarded as one of the best of the night by some fans, even, like the one who said that “Here it is!! Best moment of the night for sure. Glad I'm not the only one who's sick of J-Lo.”

However, all the comments about the precise moment in which the cameras focused on Eilish were not negative towards Jennifer Lopez, though. The 'Let's Get Loud' singer also had a mass of fans who came to the rescue and poured their voices sticking up for her. One troll, in fact, quipped back at the Lovely songwriter admitting: “pretty much the same way I feel everytime I hear Billie Eilish. No impressed either.”

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The LA native singer attended the ceremony to present an award. But more importantly, to take home five Moonperson trophies of her own! ICYMI, Billie Eilish won all the categories she was nominated for, including best video for “Good and Direction (for Your Power), Latin Video (for Lo Vas A Olvidar with Rosalía) and Pop Video and Cinematography (for Therefore I Am).

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