Beyonce's new collaboration with Adidas is coming out today!

Award-winning and world renowned singer Beyoncé, who has previously participated in two other fashion releases, lauches her third collab with Adidas.

By Jose Contreras


Beyonce (AP)

A new collaboration with “Halo” singer's, Beyoncé is coming with a new collaboration with Adidas and her own fashion brand, Ivy Park. Once again, Beyoncé's fashion line comes with classic, casual clothing elements like others previously released by the brand, but this time updated for cold winter weather. The newest launch of sportswear brand Adidas and Beyoncé contains many striking and casual outfits, various accessories and a long list of casual and sporty shoes

The new Ivy Park X ADIDAS collection, titled "Drip 2" includes five models of sports shoewear which are updates to Ivy Park Ultra Boost, Forum Mid, Forum Lo, Super Sleek as well as a new version of it, titled Super Sleek Boot. The aesthetic narrative of this new fashion campaign, focuses on the idea of incorporating cold weather inspired facets transformed into shoes easily worn as everyday footwear.

On January 25 of this year, the Ivy Park brand shared through the YouTube streaming platform, in which the multi-award-winning singer Beyonce acts as the face of the new collection entitled “Icy Park”.

“I love experimenting with fashion, mixing high and low, sportswear with couture, even masculine and feminine” Beyonc'e said back in 2019 when she launched her first partnership with Topshop, before it was acquired by Parkwood and, eventually, came up to a collaboration with a major brand like ADIDAS.

On October 19, Queen Bey shared an image on Instagram hinting at her upcoming release, in which the singer announced that she would be working on a new collection for her brand Ivy Park. Through an unclear image, the actress simply left us a short message allowing fans to assume that it was her new line.


The Ivy Park brand was launched by Beyoncé for the first time in 2016. The main style of the singer's brand is a mix of bright colors mixed with pieces of clothing classified as Athleisure, that is, clothes that are visually sporty but comfortable enough to be used on a daily basis.

The reasons for the well-known singer to name her clothing brand in this way were her daughter Blue Ivy Carter and the word Park, which refers to Parkwood Park in Houston, a place where Beyoncé used to exercise and meditate to improve her life. This clothing brand, unlike many brands launched by celebrities, has a wide price range that goes from accesible $ 30 and up to $ 200, and includes tops, bottoms, bathing suits and other accessories. This new collection will arrive to online stores today February 19th.

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