Ben Affleck is so in love with Jennifer Lopez! See him talking to paparazzi in perfect spanish

The actor approached a couple of paparazzi, and he even went on to admits in perfect spanish he's constantly learning the language.

By Miguel Robles

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck / AFP)

There is no doubt that the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rendezvous has been one of the most relevant news for the past few months, which we must confess have kept us on the edge of our seat. And now, rumors have recently sparked that the duo has finally decided to finally take their relationship to the next step.

According to some sources, the couple was spotted recently house hunting in Los Angeles. The internet-beloved couple was photographed at one mansion on what apparently was a house tour. Said house is located in the notoriously rich neighborhood of Holmby Hills, where the one and only Playboy Mansion is situated as well. The aforementioned mansion, according to some reports, is valued at no more and no less than $65 million.

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A few eyes were on them while they were doing their tour, and were able to see them talking in a black BMW, before embarking on the visit to the lavish mansion. At one point, said some witnesses, the Oscar-winning actor even went on to give J.Lo a smooch. With this plan ahead, definitely the couple had its reason to look happy.

Regardless of how happy the couple is at the moment, and how well they're doing together, it is said by some sources that the duo is not necessarily ready to take a further step into their relationship so they can live together. So, reports say the couple's house hunting was only for Jennifer Lopez, in her attempt to find the perfect house in the west coast. However, the aforementioned house is obviously big; it consists of 8 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, so it seems a bit excessive for just one person. Perhaps, as some insiders have pointed out, both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are hoping to combine households down the line.

Meanwhile, Ben says he's been learning from Jennifer Lopez's cultural heritage. Or at least is what he revealed in an impromptu interview to a couple of latin journalists, who ambushed him at a parking lot. The 'Batman vs Superman' star went on to have a conversation with the paparazzi, who started to ask if he had plans to celebrate the 4th of July. Not only that, but the reporters went immediately ballistic on him, asking about J.Lo and if he had plans on proposing.

Even though Affleck didn't answer all the questions the paparazzi fired at him as he was leaving the place, the conversation turned into a very amicable one; Affleck even returned to where the paparazzi were standing and began to chit chat in perfect spanish. He even went on to admit that spanish was very difficult for him. “Pinche idioma, me hace loco,” (“F—king language, makes me go crazy”), the actor admitted to the laughs of the guys present.

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Check out the video above, in which we can see Affleck talking to the paparazzi for about two minutes straight, in perfect spanish. According to the actor, his daughter is way much better in spanish than him, as she can write and read perfectly in the language.

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