Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez caught kissing in front of her kids!

Even though they haven't made it official on Instagram or any other social media, the couple was spotted lip-locking at a celebration for J.LO's sister in front of her kids!

By Miguel Robles

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck (AP / AFP)

Even though the couple hasn't exactly come out and said that they're “officially” together, or even made it official through any of their social media channels, apparently Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck don't need to do so, since they have been very much careless in terms of keeping their rendezvous in secret.

So far, the couple has been seen sharing some time together after that infamous getaway they both enjoyed in Montana, which was the first sign the couple reunited following her breakup with former MLB player Alex Rodriguez. The couple were engaged for two years, but apparently the pandemic and some cheating rumors tore apart what was perceived as one of the most solid relationships in hollywood.

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However, it doesn't really matter if the couple has been trying to be discreet. Truth is, they somewhat suck at it. Since they have been spotted several times, in compromising situations. For instance, recently Jennifer Lopez was seen sporting a plaid shirt that certainly belonged to Ben Affleck. And now, their behavior is more blunt than ever; at least is what a series of photos and a video that recently emerged, suggest.

In the images, the couple appears to be lip-locking, while they were in front of J.Lo's kids, which is a clear signal that the couple is taking this very serious and it's not necessarily a rebound-thing, as some have speculated. This lovely moment happened on Sunday at Nobu in Malibu. “Jenny from the Block” was there to celebrate her sister Linda's 50th birthday, and she didn't hesitate to take Ben as a guest to the family reunion. Also, she didnt' hesitate to keep her lips glued to her beau's the whole time they were there! You can check the infamous smooch here.

There were times when they were not kissing, of course, but they were in charge of keeping the magic on. Some images show how Jennifer Lopez had her hand caressing the Batman star's face, and she honestly couldn't look happier. During the whole evening, the couple were definitely not hiding their affection at all.

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There was a moment, though, in which Max and Emme, the kids J.Lo shares with ex husband Marc Anthony, went to the duo and showed them something on the phone. They acted like it was totally natural for their mother to be cuddling up with her ex-fiancé. Definitely a turning point for the secrecy around this relationship. Of course Jennifer Lopez's kids are not the only family members to approve of this relationship, since an insider revealed recently that Guadalupe Rodríguez, the singer's mother, was totally on board with this exciting scenario. According to an insider, “in the past, Jennifer's mom and Ben were very close. Guadalupe loved Ben. She was sad when they couldn't work things out years ago.” So, apparently, her dream also is coming true now.

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