Bella Thorne reveals too much skin in Cut-Off T-Shirt

The actress and singer went on to Instagram, posting several images of her amazing body as a thank-you for the support her single "Shake It" has received

By Miguel Robles


Bella Thorne (AP)

As per usual, Bella Thorne has decided to set Instagram on fire with one of her most recent posts. The actress turned singer and social media guru, went on to post an image which actually seems to be too risqué for the social platform. In a series or revelatory pictures, that sent her fans into a frenzy, we can see her rocking a teeny-tiny cut-off t-shirt that showed off too much skin, however keeping her on par with the site's rules against nudity.

The post, which was some kind of a 'thank-you' for her fans and followers, included some images of Thorne sporting with the aforementioned t-shirt cut-off, but also showing off her amazingly toned abs and a little hint of her underbreast. No wonder her post has surpassed the 1 million likes mark in less than a day. For the pictures, Thorne decided to pull her wavy hair to the sides and struck a sultry pose in one of the images. She also decided to show a close-up of her midsection in another.

Several comments by her followers instantly commenced to appear on her post, most of them showed support for her, the majority asserting that they loved her body. Thorne captioned her pictures with some words that expressed her joy for the “crazy stream numbers” of her recently released single titled 'Shake It'. “Thank you to all the crazy fandom out there. I love u I couldn't do it w out u”, she wrote.


Thanks to this post, the actress and singer was able to amass several comments showing their love for her physique, but also praising her single and encouraging her to keep releasing out new music. Recently, her music has attracted some attention, especially after she opened up and denied rumours that her song “Stupid F—king Bitch” was about her ex-girlfriend, Tana Mongeau.

When she decided to talk about the subject, she said that the song was actually about a new person that came into a group of friends, with not such good intentions. “You realize, maybe they're not just friends with you because they're being friends with you. Maybe it's these ulterior motives”, she explained.

But these images of her showing a dangerous amount of skin was just not the only special present she had for her followers. Actually, she mentioned that anyone who posted an Instagram story that showed them streaming the song and tagging her, would get “something special” in their direct messages. Undoubtedly, these surprises and little gifts are the things that have turned her into a social media phenomenon.

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