Ariana Grande got married in a surprise secret ceremony

After a couple of months of being engaged, Ariana and Dalton decided to jump into marriage, which was celebrated in a very intimate and private ceremony at her home in Montecito, California

By Miguel Robles

- May 17 , 2021 - 14:51 hs
Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande (AFP)

Ariana Grande has made headlines again, as is reported that the singer got married in a surprise secret ceremony to Dalton Gomez. According to some reporting by TMZ, Ariana and her man, a businessman who works in real estate and is 25 years old, tied the knot in a very private event held at Ariana's home located in Montecito, California. With just a very few guests, an insider revealed that the wedding was actually very “informal”, while a rep for the singer has confirmed the news about the marriage to the media.

The surprising wedding comes just about five months after Ari left her fans and followers in shock, after announcing the lovebirds engagement. The couple started dating almost a year ago, at the beginning of 2020 (and before the pandemic broke out). During the last months, they have been keeping their relationship as secretive as they could.

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It's a well known fact that Ariana has been very careful not to share 'everything' on her social media, so their relationship was also off the grid, so to speak. Nonetheless, she did decide to share the amazing news of her engagement, and took it to Instagram when Gomez asked her to marry him last december.

Back then, Ariana Grande went on to share a series of Insta moments in a series of snaps; some of the images, which had a vintage-look, showed the couple in a very romantic moment. But also, her posting was nurtured with some other pics in which she showed off her fabulous engagement ring. The rock she showed off was in the shape of an oval diamond in a sideway position on a gold band. It has also a unique addition, in the form of a pearl to the left of the diamond.

For months there have been rumours about the meaningf of the pearl that's included in Ariana's ring. Back in 2014, Grande made a confession that her grandmother made her a custom ring which had a pearl from a tie pin that belonged to her grandfather (who passed away). According to Ariana, her grandpa came to her grandmother in a dream, in which he told her to protect Ari. It's unclear if the ring bares that pearl on her engagement ring, but what can be assured is the strong connection the singer has with pearls.

Her engagement with Dalton was not the first for Ariana; she was famously engaged to Pete Davidson for five months; the couple started dating in 2018, and Davidson went on to pop the question merely weeks after they initiated their coupling. However, their relationship ended a few months later that year.

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Her marriage news confirm that 2021 will be an amazing year for Ari. In the fall, she's expected to join as a coach on season 21 of The Voice, making her debut in the reality show. She will sit alongside music icons such as John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton.

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