Are Daniel Radcliffe And Robert Pattinson Friends? One Of Them Says They Have A Strange Relationship

Both starred in a Harry Potter film, both are stars of their own franchise, however, Daniel Radcliffe reveals if they are friends in real life or not

By Ingrid Mateos

- December 06 , 2021 - 15:57 hs
Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson

Daniel Radcliffe, Robert Pattinson (afp)

Decades have passed since the first Harry Potter movie was released and with the franchise having eight movies it's safe to say that a bunch of actors was included in the cast, some taking more time on the screen than others. While we know that Daniel Radcliffe is obviously the one with the most participation since he is the one to portray the protagonist, in the fourth installment we've got to know a teenage heartthrob that stole some hearts around and that was Robert Pattinson who portrayed Cedric Diggory.

Years later, Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Pattinson are doing their own projects and while they shared a few dialogues on 'Harry Potter and The Globet Of Fire,' fans are still wondering if the two actors are friends in real life.

In a special appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Daniel Radcliffe finally talked about Robert Pattinson, and, unfortunately for the fans, they are not close friends. In fact, Radcliffe admitted that because he was most of the time working on the films and with no free time he did not know that Pattinson was in Twilight until everyone else knew it.

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“Literally the first, I was in New York about to do Equus, and I was on the Westside Highway and I turned around and saw this billboard and I was like, ‘What, I know that guy!’ I hadn’t heard of the Twilight books at the time; I hadn’t been aware of that phenomenon. And so yeah, it’s odd.” Radcliffe said.

As to whether they have at least each other's numbers or something like that, Daniel Radcliffe admitted that they have a very strange relationship because they occasionally talk or mention each other on the media but never have done it personally after the 'Globet Of Fire' ended filming.

“We have a very strange relationship now where we basically only communicate through journalists. We haven’t seen each other in ages. Because everyone assumes we’re kind of great mates, but I’ve met him, he’s a lovely guy when I worked with him.”

Talking about Pattinson and Radcliffe, back in 2012 amid Twilight promotions, the Twilight star talked about the Harry Potter protagonists in an interview with Collider, and how he was starstruck by them.

“When I did Harry Potter, I remember looking at Dan, Rupert, and Emma and being like, ‘Those guys are actors.’ I was starstruck by them,”  he recalled to the publication. “With Dan, Rupert, and Emma, I still see them as that. I was with them for 11 months and I still see them as massively famous people.”

If you recall correctly, Pattinson's character Cedric Diggory died at the end of the fourth movie making it one of the first dramatic scenes in the saga since it was the first major death of the movie seen on screen. After that, Pattinson went on to star in Twilight and from there, his career just skyrocketed working in films like 'The King' and 'The Lighthouse.'

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