Anya Taylor-Joy Is Being Labeled As A Hypocrite After Accepting A Role In This Film

Everyone is bewitched by Anya Taylor-Joy and her films, but recently she has been slammed by fans calling her a hypocrite for accepting a certain role in the upcoming 'Mario' film 

By Ingrid Mateos

- October 23 , 2021 - 18:28 hs
Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy (Instagram)

She is charming, talented, speaks more than two languages, and is a winner of a Critics' Choice Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a SAG Award. Is there something Anya Taylor-Joy can't do? Apparently not since she has now accepted to be part of the upcoming Nintendo film titled Mario, and yes, it will be an adaptation of the beloved videogame.

The actress has appeared in several acclaimed movies like The Witch, Split, and the Netflix acclaimed series Queen's Gambit, and the fans have loved her in every single one of them, however, this time, it seems a little bit unfortunate since, after accepting the role of Princess Peach in Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy is being labeled as a hypocrite.

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If you are wondering why let us explain. In case you do not know who Princess Peach is, she is a character from the Mario Bros franchise, ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and, somehow her role is to be kidnapped every single time by the villain of the game, Bowser.

Having said this, fans are claiming that Anya Taylor-Joy is being a hypocrite after an interview resurfaced where she is declaring that she would never take a role where the girl is the cliche of the damsel in distress because women are just more than that. Sounds familiar? Princess Peach has not much interaction in the Mario Bros franchise apart from being rescued.

The interview is from 2018 where Anya Taylor-Joy talked with The Guardian about the roles she has accepted over her acting career. When asked about those roles that are inside the box of just 'girlfriend roles' she replied that she rejected them all.

“I’ve been very lucky, actually, in terms of the team that I have around me, who have filtered out most of those roles. Most of the women not only that I’ve been lucky enough to play but that I’ve read are quite complex, messy, interesting human beings – but then again I shouldn’t be the anomaly here, I should be the norm.”

She then continued, “Definitely, whenever I’ve got a girlfriend role, I’ve sent it back being like ‘Eh? Why?’ I’m excited for this era of women that we are stepping into right now where people understand that everyone’s a person and they’ve all got a lot more going on underneath the surface than you might originally think.”

Apart from Anya Taylor-Joy, the cast includes Chris Pratt as Mario, Jack Black, Keegan-Michael Key, and Seth Rogen. The animated film is set to be released in December 2022 and it remains to be seen if Princess Peach is in fact, more involved in the story.

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