Americans judging Chris Hemsworth's maskless party pics mocked online

Americans have been ridiculed from people all over the world, after attempting to 'destroy' Chris Hemsworth over some pictures he posted of a maskless party in Australia

By Miguel Robles


Chris Hemsworth (Chris Hemsworth's Instagram)

Someone may have to bring the news to americans, to tell them that other countries exist in the world. And they have responded or handled different the Covid-19 situation altogether, from what the US has done by now. Actually, Australia is one of these countries to demonstrate that their measures have proven to be very successful.

This is not the first time America has been criticized by their centric worldview, but this was especially displayed towards a recent attempt to destroy Chris Hemsworth for posting some pictures on his instagram account in which he and his friends appeared to be enjoying an '80s-themed party... withouth wearing masks.

However, Hemsworth fans from all over the world (especially from the opposite hemisphere) immediatly jumped in to defend the 'Thor' star. In the pictures, we can see Idris Elba as one of the guests of this party, and users from all over the world pointed out that the stars (and none of the other attendees) were doing anything wrong.

Noted. America is still struggling to turn the corner and get a grip on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, other countries like Australia -in which this celebration took part- had very successful mitigation efforts; actually, the nation is closely to the point of being Covid-free even before the need of a vaccine.

What these nations have proven is that actions like responsible social distancing and wearing masks, do make a difference. Another important point made by these countries is that they didn't take part in a political warfare that compromised all their efforts to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 among their citizens.

Of course, these nations feel bad for americans, but they didn't hesitate for a minute to relentlessly mock them in the comments for thinking their way is the only way to deal with things. Actually, this perspective is part of why the United States has handled the pandemic so poorly, in comparison with other countries. Refusing to aknowledge that there are better ways to handle some situations, than what they have come up with, is one of the reasons the country is in this crisis in the first place.

Chris Hemsworth has not emitted a response to all the americans attacking him online for not wearing a mask. But there is no need for his input, since a lot of people has poured their comments to defend his right to have a party without masks in a country that deals with positive cases from people flying from other countries only.

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