8 Spectacular Things You Did Not Know About Sofia Vergara

The Columbian actress Sofia Vergara is best known for her role as Gloria in 'Modern Family' but we bet you did not know all these facts about her life

By Ingrid Mateos

- April 22 , 2021 - 18:34 hs
Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara (AFP)

Where is she from?


Born as Sofia Margarita Vergara Vergara, the actress was born on July 10th, 1972 in Barranquilla Colombia. She has five siblings and for almost all her life she has lived in the US.

She wanted to pursue another career


Being under the flashlights seems natural to Sofia Vergara, but what you did not know was that she studied at the University of Colombia and spent three years there to be a dentist. This was until someone “discovered” when she was relaxing at the beach when she was 17 years old and the rest is history. She then filmed a commercial for Pepsi but in the end, realized that she could be a model.

She married young


She was just starting her career as a model but decided it was the perfect time to walk the aisle and married his then-boyfriend Joe Gonzalez. The following year she gave birth to his son Manolo, who by the way is almost 30 years old

She was bullied


The Columbian actress recalls being teased in high school for her body size and taunted for having such large features. We have to add that she is actually blonde, so it was an odd characteristic in her hometown. 'I was ridiculously skinny. They called me palillo, which means toothpick in Spanish.'

She was the perfect candidate to become the next Mrs. Cruise


Hard to believe right? After Tom Cruise divorced Nicole Kidman it was said that the actor was doing something like “auditioning” and Sofia Vergara had everything to win that role. However, when Tom realized that Sofia did not want to join Scientology and remain catholic, he let her go.


Before being famous, she was a mogul

When she started her path in Hollywood she realized that many Latin Americans were not represented, so she decided to found her own management company with Luis Balaguer, her own manager. called Latin World Entertainment or LWE.

She is a Cancer Survivor


Around 2000 Sofia Vergara suffered from this but decided to keep it secret until 2001 when she opened up about it. "I didn't want publicity because of that," she told Health. "Having cancer is not fun. You don't want to deal with anything else while you're going through it. I take a Synthroid pill every morning," she said. "It controls your body's metabolism and gives you the levels that you need. An unregulated thyroid can lead to problems with your weight, hair loss, and other things, so they give me a blood test every three months to see where my level is. Actually, I feel very lucky. In a lot of women, the cancer isn't found until around menopause — and by then it's too late."

Her accent is not fake


Even if you close your eyes and hear that thick accent, you recognize her instantly. And while some detractors say she is faking it just for comical purposes she has revealed that in fact, it is her real voice and intonation. She even had a  speech coach on 'Modern Family' in order to enunciate her words as best as possible so that audience members can understand as much as possible. She has opened about it that how at the beginning of her career she tried to change it but in the end, embraced it. “At the beginning, I thought I could fix my accent to make it sound like something else so I spent a lot of money and time to change it.  But I was going to auditions and I was putting all my concentration on changing the next word to a different accent so my acting completely disappeared. I was just thinking about the pronunciation. I was getting no response from directors or anything because it was terrible.” 

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